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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01010000034Anti-Human LECInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M73 500ug349.59Ask
01010000045Anti-Rat GRO-beta/KCInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-P20 100ug327.03Ask
01010000073Anti-Human FGF-8Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M412 100ug378.91Ask
01010000078Ultra SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix (2X, with ROX I)Info 101biosystem W2601-5 5 mL545.81Ask
01010000166Magnetic Beads (DNA) 450 mLInfo 101biosystem P920-450 450 mL6595.92Ask
01010000179Anti-Human gAcrp30 VariantInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-P130 100ug327.03Ask
01010000192Anti-Rat PlGFInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-PA04S 100ug202.99Ask
01010000223albumin, human plasmaInfo 101biosystem P732 10 g298.84Ask
01010000233LGK974, WNT inhibitorInfo 101biosystem P737-2 2 mg471.38Ask
01010000247Anti-Mouse Siglec-FInfo Reliatech antibodies 103-M473 100ug378.91Ask
01010000273Anti-Human PodocalyxinInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M142 100ug283.05Ask
01010000310Anti-Mouse SCFInfo Reliatech antibodies 103-PA08AG 50ug217.65Ask
01010000358Anti-Human FGF-4Info Reliatech antibodies 102-P258 100ug327.03Ask
010100003621-Drop PCR Mix (squeeze bottle, no pipet)Info 101biosystem W2599-5 5 mL218.77Ask
01010000383Anti-Human SCFInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M621 100ug378.91Ask
01010000385Anti-Rat PlGFInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-PA04AG 50ug217.65Ask
01010000396Anti-Rat Aminopeptidase PInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-M01 100ug283.05Ask
01010000423Anti-Rat IL-1 betaInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-P04 100ug327.03Ask
01010000448Anti-Rat VEGF-DInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-PA12S 100ug180.43Ask
01010000451Anti-Mouse DLL-4Info Reliatech antibodies 103-M373 100ug378.91Ask
01010000462Anti-Human IL-10 receptor betaInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M473 100ug378.91Ask
01010000473Anti-Human HCC-1Info Reliatech antibodies 102-P230 100ug327.03Ask
01010000486Anti-Rat VEGF-CInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-PA10 200ug239.07Ask
01010000533TAT fused to HA2 at N terminusInfo 101biosystem P736-250 250 ug534.53Ask
01010000559Anti-Human SCFInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-P81G 100ug327.03Ask
01010000564Anti-Mouse SCFInfo Reliatech antibodies 103-PA08 200ug305.61Ask
01010000573Anti-Mouse MCP-2Info Reliatech antibodies 103-P56 100ug327.03Ask
01010000604Anti-Human ALK2 (Activin R1A)Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M173 100ug378.91Ask
01010000641Anti-Mouse TGF beta R2Info Reliatech antibodies 103-M273 100ug378.91Ask
01010000672Anti-Human TNFSF12Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M673 100ug378.91Ask
01010000699Anti-Human SCF-RInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M622 100ug378.91Ask
01010000703Jagged-1 FcInfo 101biosystem P738-50 50 ug745.41Ask
01010000730LGK974, WNT inhibitorInfo 101biosystem P737-50 50 mg4886.32Ask
01010000733Anti-Human GDNF R alpha 4Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M440 100ug378.91Ask
01010000736Anti-Mouse RANKLInfo Reliatech antibodies 103-P71 100ug327.03Ask
01010000738Anti-Human Oncostatin MInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M594 100ug378.91Ask
01010000773Anti-Human Junctional adhesion molecule C (JAM-C)Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M526 100ug378.91Ask
01010000914LGK974, WNT inhibitorInfo 101biosystem P737-10 10 mg1697.19Ask
01010000973Anti-Human CD26Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M300 100ug378.91Ask
01010000991Anti-Rat RANTESInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-P10 100ug327.03Ask
01010001006fibronectin, human plasmaInfo 101biosystem P731 1 mg298.84Ask
01010001036Magnetic Beads (DNA) 5 mLInfo 101biosystem P920-5 5 mL218.77Ask
01010001044Anti-Mouse IL-16Info Reliatech antibodies 103-M410 100ug378.91Ask
01010001065Anti-Rat GRO-beta/MIP-2Info Reliatech antibodies 104-P02 100ug327.03Ask
01010001073Anti-Human IL-10 receptor alphaInfo Reliatech antibodies 101-M472 100ug378.91Ask
01010001092Anti-Rat MCP-1/MCAFInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-P08 100ug327.03Ask
01010001177TAT fused to HA2 at C terminusInfo 101biosystem P734-500 500 ug780.37Ask
01010001237Anti-Rat VEGF-AInfo Reliatech antibodies 104-P15 100ug327.03Ask
01010001262Anti-Human TROP-2Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M691 100ug378.91Ask
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Rat 5'-nucleotidase cluster of differentiation 73 (NT5E CD73) ELISA Kit - Antibodies, ELISA Kits, Research Products -
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