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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01021872100Pipetman P2L, (Trade In),0.2-2µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P2T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872099Pipetman P20L, (Trade In),2-20µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872098Pipetman P200L, Pl.Tip Ejector,20-200µLInfo Genesee 37-206P200 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872097Pipetman P200L, (Trade In),20-200µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872096Pipetman P20L, Pl.Tip Ejector,2-20µLInfo Genesee 37-206P20 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872095Pipetman P2L, Pl.Tip Ejector,0.2-2µLInfo Genesee 37-206P2 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872094Pipetman P1000L, (Trade In),100-1000µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872092Pipetman P10L, (Trade In),0.5-10µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872091Pipetman P100L, (Trade In),10-100µL, Pl. Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-206P100T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872090Pipetman P100L, Pl.Tip Ejector,10-100µLInfo Genesee 37-206P100 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872089Pipetman P10L, Pl.Tip Ejector,0.5-10µLInfo Genesee 37-206P10 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872083Pipetman P2L, (Trade In),0.2-2µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P2T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872082Pipetman P20L, (Trade In),2-20µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872081Pipetman P200L, (Trade In),20-200µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872080Pipetman P200L, SS Tip Ejector,20-200µLInfo Genesee 37-205P200 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872079Pipetman P20L, SS Tip Ejector,2-20µLInfo Genesee 37-205P20 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872078Pipetman P2L, SS Tip Ejector,0.2-2µLInfo Genesee 37-205P2 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872077Pipetman P1000L, (Trade In),100-1000µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872075Pipetman P10L, (Trade In),0.5-10µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872072Pipetman P100L, (Trade In),10-100µL, SS Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 37-205P100T 1 Pipettor/Unit480.18Ask
01021872071Pipetman P100L, SS Tip Ejector,10-100µLInfo Genesee 37-205P100 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872070Pipetman P10L, SS Tip Ejector,0.5-10µLInfo Genesee 37-205P10 1 Pipettor/Unit565.12Ask
01021872069Pipetman G P2G, (Trade In),0.2-2ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P2T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872068Pipetman G P20G, (Trade In),2 - 20ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872067Pipetman G P200G, (Trade In),20 - 200ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872063Pipetman G P1000G, (Trade In),100 - 1000ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872061Pipetman G P10G, (Trade In),1 - 10ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872060Pipetman G P100G, (Trade In),10 - 100ul, Plastic EjectorInfo Genesee 37-204P100T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872053Pipetman G P2G, (Trade In),0.2-2ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P2T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872052Pipetman G P20G, (Trade In),2 - 20ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P20T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872051Pipetman G P200G, (Trade In),20 - 200ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P200T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872049Pipetman G P20G, Metal Ejector,2 - 20ulInfo Genesee 37-203P20 1 Pipettor/Unit535.67Ask
01021872048Pipetman G P2G, Metal Ejector,0.2-2ulInfo Genesee 37-203P2 1 Pipettor/Unit535.67Ask
01021872047Pipetman G P1000G, (Trade In),100 - 1000ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P1KT 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872045Pipetman G P10G, (Trade In),1 - 10ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P10T 1 Pipettor/Unit490.37Ask
01021872042Pipetman G P100G, (Trade In),10 - 100ul, Metal EjectorInfo Genesee 37-203P100T 1 Pipettor/Unit456.40Ask
01021872040Pipetman G P10G, Metal Ejector,1 - 10ulInfo Genesee 37-203P10 1 Pipettor/Unit535.67Ask
01021871289Poseidon Ejector,Spare PartInfo Genesee 33-900SP 1 Ejector/Unit87.20Ask
01021871004Labpette Digital Pipets,.5-10ul/Without Tip EjectorInfo Genesee 33-430 1 Pipet/Unit313.70Ask
01016828944Multi-Gen Ejector Clamp Assembly for use with CLS-5030-30 Stand AssemblyInfo Chemglass CLS-5031-30 1Unit494.90Ask
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