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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025330137DigoxinInfo MyBioSource MBS340550 0,1 mL774.39Ask
04025283643Digoxin Monoclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS190116 0,1 mg299.58Ask
04025283642Digoxin Monoclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS190115 0,1 mg299.58Ask
04025283641Digoxin Monoclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS190114 0,1 mg299.58Ask
03025330686DigoxinInfo MyBioSource MBS342228 Inquire0.00Ask
03025325550MAb to DigoxinInfo MyBioSource MBS310841 0,2 mg293.93Ask
03025293897SHEEP ANTI DIGOXINInfo MyBioSource MBS222212 0,5 mL494.03Ask
03015523078Digoxin[Digoxin]Info MyBioSource MBS841933 NA0.00Ask
03015388083Digoxin[Digoxin]Info MyBioSource MBS576228 100 mg0.00Ask
03015330137Digoxin[Digoxin]Info MyBioSource MBS340550 NA0.00Ask
03010393671Digoxin extrapurifiedInfo Research sys 48712 1 Gms300.71Ask
02022200206DigoxinInfo Biovision 2911-100 2X100 mg316.54Ask
02021924476Sheep Digoxin antibodyInfo fitzgerald 20-1451 100 ul706.56Ask
02021635088DIGOXIN AntibodyInfo abbex abx023809 1 mg575.42Ask
02021633083Digoxin AntibodyInfo abbex abx021004 1 mg671.52Ask
02021633082Digoxin AntibodyInfo abbex abx021003 0.2 mg575.42Ask
02021633081Digoxin AntibodyInfo abbex abx021002 1 mg1135.02Ask
02021633080Digoxin AntibodyInfo abbex abx021001 1 mg1425.56Ask
02021633079Digoxin AntibodyInfo abbex abx021000 1 mg845.61Ask
02021633078Digoxin AntibodyInfo abbex abx020999 1 mg671.52Ask
02015371992Digoxin-BSA[Digoxin]Info MyBioSource MBS537294 NA0.00Ask
02015330686Digoxin[Digoxin]Info MyBioSource MBS342228 NA0.00Ask
02015327945Digoxin[Digoxin]Info MyBioSource MBS319545 NA0.00Ask
02011924480Digoxin-HRPInfo fitzgerald 65-ID15 50 units555.08Ask
02011924479Digoxin-HRPInfo fitzgerald 80-1151 500 ul390.02Ask
02010393671Digoxin extrapurifiedInfo Research sys 48712 50 Mg180.88Ask
01025523078DigoxinInfo MyBioSource MBS841933 100 mg212.53Ask
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