Anti-C9b/C9 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594

Anti-C9b/C9 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594 is available 1 time from Bioss polyclonal antibodies labs

  • Type
    Conjugated Primary Antibody
  • Conjugated with
    ALEXA FLUOR® 594
  • Host organism
    Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
  • Target Protein/Peptide
    Complement component C9b
  • Specificity
    This antibody reacts specifically with C9b/C9
  • Modification
    No modification has been applied to this antibody
  • Modification site
  • Clonality
    Polyclonal Antibody
  • Clone
    Polyclonal Antibodies
  • Concentration
    1ug per 1ul
  • Subcellular locations
  • Antigen Source
    KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human Complement component C9b
  • Gene ID
  • Swiss Prot
  • Applications
  • Applications with corresponding dilutions
  • Cross reactive species
    Human (Homo sapiens), Mouse (Mus musculus), Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  • Cross Reactive Species details
    No significant cross reactivity has been observed for this antibody for the tested species. However, note that due to limited knowledge it is impossible to predict with 100% guarantee that the antibody does not corss react with any other species.
  • Background information
    C9 is a plasma protein synthesized in the liver and monocytes consisting of a single polypeptide chain. C9 is a part of the membrane attack complex (MAC), an important component of the immune system. The MAC forms upon complement system activation by invading pathogenic bacteria and consists of the four major complement proteins: C5b, C6, C7 and C8. These complement proteins bind to the outer surface of the plasma membrane of the invading cell. C9 binds to the membrane associated C5b-8 protein, which leads to the circular polymerization of 12-18 C9 molecules. These polymerized C9 molecules form a ring structure in the membrane. Molecules can then diffuse freely through this transmembrane channel, causing cell lysis and destruction of the invading bacterial cell.
  • Purification method
    Purified by Protein A.
  • Storage
    Water buffered solution containing 100ug/ml BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide. Store at 4°C for 12 months.
  • Excitation emission
  • Synonyms
    CO9_HUMAN; Complement component C9; Complementcomponent C9b.
  • Also known as
    C9b/C9 Polyclonal Antibody
  • Other name
    Anti-C9b/C9 Polyclonal
  • Advisory
    Avoid freeze/thaw cycles as they may denaturate the polypeptide chains of the antibody, thus reducing its reactivity, specificity and sensitivity. For antibodies that are in liquid form or reconstituted lyophilized antibodies small amounts could become entrapped on the seal or the walls of the tube. Prior to use briefly centrifuge the vial to gather all the solution on the bottom.
  • Properties
    For facs or microscopy Alexa 1 conjugate.
  • Conjugation
    Alexa Fluor,ALEXA FLUOR® 594
  • Conjugated
    Alexa conjugate 1
  • Description
    This antibody needs to be stored at + 4°C in a fridge short term in a concentrated dilution. Freeze thaw will destroy a percentage in every cycle and should be avoided.
  • Group
    Polyclonals and antibodies
  • About
    Polyclonals can be used for Western blot, immunohistochemistry on frozen slices or parrafin fixed tissues. The advantage is that there are more epitopes available in a polyclonal antiserum to detect the proteins than in monoclonal sera.
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Anti-C9b/C9 (Polyclonal)
  • Technique
    Polyclonal, anti
  • Label
  • Alternative name
    antibody to-C9b/complement component 9 (polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594
  • Alternative technique
  • Alternative to gene target
    complement component 9, ARMD15 and C9D, C9 and IDBG-17892 and ENSG00000113600 and 735, this GO :0005515 and protein binding and molecular function this GO :0005576 and extracellular region and cellular component this GO :0005579 and membrane attack complex and cellular component this GO :0005737 and cytoplasm and cellular component this GO :0005886 and plasma membrane and cellular component this GO :0005887 and integral component of plasma membrane and cellular component this GO :0006957 and complement activation, alternative pathway and biological process this GO :0006958 and complement activation, classical pathway and biological process this GO :0019836 and hemolysis by symbiont of host erythrocytes and biological process this GO :0030449 and regulation of complement activation and biological process this GO :0045087 and innate immune response and biological process this GO :0070062 and extracellular vesicular exosome and cellular component this GO :0072562 and blood microparticle and cellular component, protein binding, this GO :0005515: protein binding, this GO :0005515: protein binding, Extracellular, C9 and IDBG-128081 and ENSMUSG00000022149 and 12279, C9 and IDBG-629942 and ENSBTAG00000016149 and 526766

GENTObs-15307R-A594 | Anti-C9b/C9 (Polyclonal), ALEXA Fluor 594size: 100 microliters | 598.44 USD

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