ADP-TAMRA conjugate [5-TAMRA-eda-ADP]

ADP-TAMRA conjugate [5-TAMRA-eda-ADP] is available 1 time from Aat labs

13606 | ADP-TAMRA conjugate [5-TAMRA-eda-ADP]size: 100 nmol | 743.94 USD

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  • Shipping
    Room Temperature
  • Storage
  • Shelflife
    12 months
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    ADP-TAMRA conjugate [5-TAMRA-eda-ADP]
  • Label
  • Alternative name
    ADP-TAMRA conjugate [5-TAMRA-ectodysplasin A-ADP]
  • Alternative to gene target
    ectodysplasin A, ECTD1 and ED1 and ED1-A1 and ED1-A2 and EDA-A1 and EDA-A2 and EDA1 and EDA2 and HED and HED1 and ODT1 and STHAGX1 and XHED and XLHED, EDA and IDBG-74170 and ENSG00000158813 and 1896, protein binding, Extracellular, Eda and IDBG-161929 and ENSMUSG00000059327 and 13607, EDA and IDBG-636361 and ENSBTAG00000012543 and 616179
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ADP-TAMRA conjugate [5-TAMRA-eda-ADP] -
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