Furin convertase substrate (fluorogenic) [Boc-Arg-Val-Arg-Arg-AMC]

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  • Price
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  • Size
    5 mg
  • Products_type
  • Products_short_name
    [Furin convertase]
  • Specificity
    ??Fluorogenic substrate for furin/SPC1/PACE/PCSK3 and other subtilisin/kexin-like proprotein convertases such as Kex2, SPC2/PC2/PCSK2, SPC3/PCSK1, PACE4/SPC4/PCSK6, SPC5/PC4/PCSK4, SPC6/PC5/PC6/PCSK5, and SPC7/LPC/PC7/PC8/PCSK7. Can be used on live cells. Ex: 360-380 nm, Em: 440-460 nm
  • Purity
    >=95% (HPLC; TLC)
  • Form
    White to off-white powder
  • Storage_stability
    For long term storage, store at -20 degree C. Protect from light
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Furin convertase substrate (fluorogenic) [Boc-Arg-Val-Arg-Arg-AMC]
  • Alternative name
    furin (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme) convertase substrate (fluorogenic) [Boc homolog (mouse)-L-arginine-L-valine-L-arginine-L-arginine-AMC]
  • Alternative to gene target
    furin (paired basic amino acid cleaving enzyme), FUR and PACE and PCSK3 and SPC1, FURIN and IDBG-30430 and ENSG00000140564 and 5045, nerve growth factor binding, Cell surfaces, Furin and IDBG-195335 and ENSMUSG00000030530 and 18550, FURIN and IDBG-629479 and ENSBTAG00000002939 and 281374
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