Angiotensin III

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    Registry number:12687-51-3
    Scope note:A heptapeptide formed from ANGIOTENSIN II after the removal of an amino acid at the N-terminal by AMINOPEPTIDASE A. Angiotensin III has the same efficacy as ANGIOTENSIN II in promoting ALDOSTERONE secretion and modifying renal blood flow, but less vasopressor activity (about 40%).
    CASN1 number:Angiotensin II, 1-de-L-aspartic acid-
  • Tree numbers
    • D06.472.699.094.080
    • D12.644.400.070.080
    • D12.644.456.073.055
    • D12.644.548.058.080
    • D12.776.631.650.070.080
    • D23.469.050.050.075
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