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Rhodamine B

  • Catalog number
  • Product name
    Rhodamine B
  • Size
    1000 µg
  • Price
    970.12 USD
  • Supplier
  • Product composition
  • Storage conditions
    Store and ship the product Rhodamine B at plus four degrees Celcius. Avoid freezing and especially freeze-thaw via preparation of small aliquots for storage at minus twenty degrees Celsius.
  • Tips
    The product Rhodamine B is manufactured for research purposes only and it is not intented to be used for in vitro diagnostic procedures.
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Rhodamine B
  • Label
  • Alternative name
    Rhodamine B
MeSH Data
  • Name
  • Concept
    Registry number:1N3CZ14C5O
    Scope note:A fluorescent probe with low toxicity which is a potent substrate for P-glycoprotein and the bacterial multidrug efflux transporter. It is used to assess mitochondrial bioenergetics in living cells and to measure the efflux activity of P-glycoprotein in both normal and malignant cells. (Leukemia 1997;11(7):1124-30)
    CASN1 number:Xanthylium, 3,6-diamino-9-(2-(methoxycarbonyl)phenyl)-, chloride
  • Tree numbers
    • D03.633.300.953.600.500
  • Qualifiers
    analogs & derivatives, immunology, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic use, toxicity, poisoning, administration & dosage, adverse effects, agonists, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, chemical synthesis, contraindications, chemistry, urine, radiation effects, history, analysis, antagonists & inhibitors, classification, economics, isolation & purification, metabolism, pharmacology, standards, supply & distribution
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