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MMP 9/ Lipocalin Complex (Native Protein)

  • Catalog number
    30 100 512
  • Product name
    MMP 9/ Lipocalin Complex (Native Protein)
  • Size
    10 µg/ 200µl
  • Price
  • Supplier
  • Protein type
  • Protein subtype
  • Protein family
    Matrix Metalloproteinases, matrixins
  • Protein description
    MMP9 may play an essential role in local proteolysis of the extracellular matrix and in leukocyte migration. Could play a role in bone osteoclastic resorption. Cleaves KiSS1 at a Gly- -Leu bond. Cleaves type IV and type V collagen into large C-terminal three quarter fragments and shorter N-terminal one quarter fragments. Degrades fibronectin but not laminin or Pz-peptide.
  • Research area interests
    Diseases associated with MMP9 include Metaphyseal Anadysplasia 2 and Metaphyseal Anadysplasia. Among its related pathways are Pathways in cancer and Integrin Pathway.
  • Package form
  • Tested applications
    Degradation of extracellular Matrix; Screening and evaluation of MMP inhibitors; Antigen standard
  • Other names
  • Peptide sequence
  • Available target modification
  • Expression system
    Human Blood
  • Product Subtype
    full length
  • Active form?
    Yes, after Trypsin activation
  • Tag
  • Contents
    50 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.0, 200 mM NaCl, 5 mM CaCl2, 1 μM ZnCl2, 0.05 % Brij-35, 0.05 % NaN3
  • Protein purity
  • Molecular weight
    The 92 kDa and the 220 kDa represent the monomer and the disulfide-bridged homodimer of Progelatinase B. The 130 kDa form could be identified as a disulfide bridge complex of the monomer and a 25 kDa protein which belongs to the lipocalin family
  • UniProt number
  • Gene number
  • Abbreviation
  • Full name
  • Other desciption
    Progelatinase B complex is isolated from human blood.
  • Purification
    Mentioned in the data sheet
  • PubMed citations
    See the data sheet
  • Warnings
    For Research Use only.
  • Shipping conditions
    dry ice
  • Storage condition
    Store at -70°C
  • Technical datasheet
    Contact us to receive the datasheet
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