Interleukin 23, p19 (IL-23)

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    Interleukin 23, p19 (IL-23)
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    MBS Monoclonals
  • Also known as
    Interleukin 23, p19
  • Other names
    interleukin-23 subunit alpha; Interleukin-23 subunit alpha; interleukin-23 subunit alpha; IL-23-A; IL-23p19; IL-23 subunit alpha; interleukin 23 p19 subunit; interleukin-23 subunit p19; JKA3 induced upon T-cell activation; interleukin-six, G-CSF related factor; interleukin 23, alpha subunit p19; Interleukin-23 subunit p19
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    Mnoclonal antibodies
  • Gene name
    IL23A; IL23A; P19; SGRF; IL-23; IL-23A; IL23P19; SGRF; IL-23 subunit alpha; IL-23-A; IL-23p19
  • Gene name synonims
    IL23A; IL23A; P19; SGRF; IL-23; IL-23A; IL23P19; SGRF; IL-23 subunit alpha; IL-23-A; IL-23p19
  • Other gene names
    IL23A; IL23A; P19; SGRF; IL-23; IL-23A; IL23P19; SGRF; IL-23 subunit alpha; IL-23-A; IL-23p19
  • Clonality
  • Immunoglobulin isotype
  • Clone
  • Host organism
    Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  • Source organism
    Human (Homo sapiens)
  • Species reactivity
    Human (Homo sapiens); Due to limited knowledge and inability for testing each and every species, the reactivity of the antibody may extend to other species which are not listed hereby.
  • Specificity and cross-reactivity
    Recognizes the p19 subunit of human IL-23.; Since it is not possible to test each and every species our knowledge on the corss reactivity of the antibodies is limited. This particular antibody might cross react with speacies outside of the listed ones.
  • Purification method
  • Form/Appearance
    Supplied as a liquid in PBS, pH 7.4. Contains no preservatives.
  • Concentration
  • Storage and shipping
    Store the antibody at +4 degrees Celsius for short term storage.. For long-term storage and to avoid repeated freezing and thawing, add sterile glycerol (40-50%), aliquot and For optimal long term storage, the antibody should be kept at -20 degrees Celsius. Aliquots are stable for at least 12 months the antibody should be stored at -20 degrees Celsius.. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer.
  • Tested applications:
    ELISA (EL/EIA), Western Blot (WB)
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Interleukin 23, p19 (IL-23)
  • Alternative name
    Interleukin 23, p19 (Interleukin-23)
MeSH Data
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  • Concept
    Scope note:An interleukin-1 subtype that occurs as a membrane-bound pro-protein form that is cleaved by proteases to form a secreted mature form. Unlike INTERLEUKIN-1BETA both membrane-bound and secreted forms of interleukin-1alpha are biologically active.
  • Tree numbers
    • D12.644.276.374.465.010.300
    • D12.644.276.374.500.400.300
    • D12.776.467.374.465.010.300
    • D12.776.467.374.500.400.300
    • D23.529.374.465.131.300
    • D23.529.374.500.400.300
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    analogs & derivatives, immunology, pharmacokinetics, biosynthesis, physiology, therapeutic use, secretion, toxicity, poisoning, administration & dosage, adverse effects, agonists, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, chemical synthesis, contraindications, deficiency, chemistry, urine, radiation effects, history, analysis, antagonists & inhibitors, classification, economics, genetics, isolation & purification, metabolism, pharmacology, standards, supply & distribution
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