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DiaEasy™ Dialyzer (10, 15, 20 ml) Floating racks

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    DiaEasy™ Dialyzer (10, 15, 20 ml) Floating racks
  • Size
    10 racks
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    Convenient, sturdy floating racks to balance dialysis tubes at 2 different heights for buffer exchange during dialysis
  • Description
    Biovision’s DiaEasy™ dialyzer (10, 15 20 ml) floating racks are designed to support our DiaEasy™ Dialyzer tubes of 10, 15 and 20 ml volumes (Figure 1). Each of these racks can hold one tube. These floating racks can be used in two positions to change the height at which the DiaEasy™ Dialysis tubes are held (Figure 2).
  • Category
    Dialysis Tubes/Protein purification
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    No expiration date
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