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Mycobacterium bovis BCG Recombinant HSP65 Protein

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  • Product name
    Mycobacterium bovis BCG Recombinant HSP65 Protein
  • Size
    2x100 µg
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    StressMark proteins
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    In Stock
  • Scientific context
    HSP65 isolated from Mycobacterium bovis BCG, is a member of the HSP60 family of heat shock proteins (2, 3). HSP60s are mitochondrial chaperonins that are typically held responsible for the transportation and refolding of proteins from the cytoplasm into the mitochondrial matrix. In addition to its role as a heat shock protein, HSP60 functions as a chaperonin to assist in folding linear amino acid chains into their respective three-dimensional structure. HSP60s are a ubiquitous class of HSPs that specifically promote the folding and assembly of cellular polypeptides in an ATP-dependent manner (1). Specifically, sequence comparison of HSP65 from different mycobacterium strains showed that the protein sequence of M. bovis BCG is identical to that of M. tuberculosis, and very similar to that of M. leprae, the pathogens that cause tuberculosis and tuberculoid leprosy, respectively (2,4). Mycobacterium bovis BCG HSP65 was identified as the immunodominant antigen during mycobacterial diseases and vaccination. It is also believed to be the antigen that induces autoimmune disease, such as adjuvant arthritis in rats (5, 6).
  • Protein target
  • Protein reactivity
    Mycobacterium bovis BCG
  • Certificate of analysis
    This product has been certified >90% pure using SDS-PAGE analysis.
  • Protein description
    Mycobacterium bovis BCG Recombinant HSP65 Partial Protein
  • Other name
    60kDa chaperonin 2 Protein, Antigen A Protein, Cell wall protein A Protein, groEL Protein, GroEL2 Protein, GroL2 Protein, M. Tuberculosis cell wall protein A Protein, M. Tuberculosis HSP65 Protein, Protein Cpm60 2 Protein
  • Primary research area
    Cancer, Heat Shock
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  • Brand name
  • Origin
  • NCBI number
  • Protein number
  • Verified applications
    WB, SDS-PAGE, Functional Assay, ELISA
  • Protein expression model
    E. coli
  • Protein charasterics
  • Peptide sequence
  • Protein purification
    Multi-Step Purified
  • Purity pourcentage
    >90% High purity
  • Recommended buffer for storage
    20mM Tris, 150mM NaCl, 10% glycerol
  • Protein concentration
    Lot/batch specific. See included datasheet.
  • Protein specificity
    ~65 kDa
  • Protein tag
    No tag
  • Storage recommendations
  • Shipping recommendations
    Blue Ice or 4°C
  • Supplementary useful information
    Please see included datasheet or contact us
  • Protein cell localization
  • Bibliography
    1. Koll H., et al. (1992) Cell. 68: 1163-1175. 2. Thole J.E.R., et al. (1985) Infect. Immuno. 50: 800-806. 3. Thole J.E.R., et al., (1987) Infect. Immuno. 55: 1466-1475. 4. Shinnick T.M. Sweetser D., Thole J., van Embden J. and Young R.A. (1987) Infect. Immuno. 55: 1932-1935. 5. Van Eden W., et al. (1988) Nature 331: 171-178. 6. Cobelens P.M., et al. (2002) Rheumatology 41: 775-779.
  • Release date
  • PubMed number
    27742830, 17920518, 26925118, 25463133, 24066722
  • Tested applications
    Functional Assay, Functional Assay, ELISA, Functional Assay, Western Blot Control
  • Tested species reactivity
    Human, Mouse, M. bovis
  • Representative figure legend
    SDS-PAGE of 65kDa M. Bovis Hsp65 protein (SPR-116). SDS-Page of M. Bovis HSP65 Protein (SPR-116)
  • Warnings
    Non-hazardous materials
  • Protein origin
  • Total weight (kg)
  • Net weight (g)
  • Source
    Recombinants or rec. proteins
  • Group
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    Mycobacterium bovis BCG Recombinant HSP65 Protein
  • Technique
    Recombinant, E. coli recombinant proteins are genetic recombinations in Escherichia coli, supplied as white sterile powder lyopillized. StressMark proteins advises they will be reconstituted in a buffer soluion or culture medium for cell culture.
  • Alternative name
    Mycobacterium bovis BCG recombinant HSP65 Protein
  • Alternative technique
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  • Concept
    Scope note:The initial culturing of cells derived directly from fresh TISSUES.
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    • E01.370.225.500.223.500
    • E05.200.500.265.500
    • E05.242.223.500
    • E05.481.500.249.500
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    classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, ethics
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