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Donkey anti Chicken IgY H + L Alexa Fluor 594

  • Catalog number
  • Product name
    Donkey anti Chicken IgY H + L Alexa Fluor 594
  • Size
    500 µg
  • Price
  • Supplier
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  • Category
    Secondary Antibody
  • Antibody Subtype
    Conjugated Secondary Antibodies
  • Area of research
  • Raised in
  • Specificity
  • Conjugate/Tag
    Alexa Fluor 594
  • Method of Purification
    Donkey anti Chicken IgY (H + L) was purified by affinity chromatography.
  • Form & Buffer
    Lyophilized from 0.01M Na3PO4, 0.25M NaCl, pH 7.6, with 15mg/ml BSA, and 0.05% NaN3. Reconstitute with 0.4 ml of distilled water
  • Storage
    Store at 4 deg C
  • Shipping conditions
    Blue Ice
  • Properties
    For facs or microscopy Alexa 1 conjugate. Chickens like all bird species have IgY antibodies that are very stable and found in the yolk. Gallus Gallus domestica is the Latin name of the Chicken. Chicken yolk polyclonal Immunoglobulin Y (abbreviated as IgY) is a type of immunoglobulin which is the major antibody in bird, reptile, and lungfish blood. It is also found in high concentrations in chicken egg yolk. As with the other immunoglobulins, IgY is a class of proteins which are formed by the immune system in reaction to certain foreign substances, and specifically recognize them.
  • Conjugation
    Alexa Fluor, ALEXA FLUOR® 594
  • Conjugated
    Alexa conjugate 1
  • Description
    This antibody needs to be stored at + 4°C in a fridge short term in a concentrated dilution. Freeze thaw will destroy a percentage in every cycle and should be avoided.
  • Latin name
    Equus africanus asinus
  • Additional isotype
    IgY antibody
  • Gene target
    H + L
  • Short name
    anti IgY H + L
  • Technique
    anti, antibody to, IgYs
  • Host
    Donkeys or Equus africanus asinus are often used as host species to raise antibodies. Even Equus ferus or horse antibodies are different than donkey antibodies since we know horse anti donkey IgGs. For immunohistochemistry it is useful to use an anti-donkey or horse block if your primary antibody is a donkey anti-human. We provide also anti-donkey as a species antibodies and ELISA kits.
  • Label
  • Species
    chicken, Chickens, Donkeys
  • Alternative name
    Donkey antibody to Chicken IgY H and L Alexa Fluor 594
  • Alternative technique
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  • Name
  • Concept
    Scope note: Identification of proteins or peptides that have been electrophoretically separated by blot transferring from the electrophoresis gel to strips of nitrocellulose paper, followed by labeling with antibody probes.
  • Tree numbers
    • E05.196.401.143
    • E05.301.300.096
    • E05.478.566.320.200
    • E05.601.262
    • E05.601.470.320.200
  • Qualifiers
    classification, economics, history, instrumentation, methods, standards, trends, utilization, veterinary, statistics & numerical data, ethics
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