Caspase Inhibitor Negative Control (Cathepsin B Inhibitor) (Z-FA-FMK)

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    5 mg
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    Human and some mouse caspases are active in apoptosis and cell death and even in necrosis and inflammation. CASP Gene and orthologous enzymes have been identifies successfully in the signal transduction cascade and pathways. Isotype or positive controls by peptides, antibodies and deactivated samples. Tissue, pathway, proteinase, peptidase, protease ,acrosin, lipoprotein, activator, caspase, trypsin, papain, esterase inhibitors are proteins or receptor ligands or receptor antagonists that bind to an enzyme receptor and decreases its activity. Since blocking an enzyme's activity can kill a pathogen or correct a metabolic imbalance, many drugs are enzyme inhibitors. Not all receptor antagonist that bind to enzymes are inhibitors; enzyme activator ligands or agonists bind to enzymes and increase their enzymatic activity, while enzyme substrates bind and are converted to products in the normal catalytic cycle of the enzyme. Negative control peptides or isotypes available of the different species.
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    CTS protease activity also measured by zymograph electrophoresis of Cathepsins. This cathepsin is supplied in 1.
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    Caspase Inhibitor Negative Control (Cathepsin B Inhibitor) (Z-FA-FMK)
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    Negative, Control, controls, negatif
  • Alternative name
    caspase suppressor Negative reference (Cathepsin B suppressor) (Z-FA-FMK)
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    Scope note: The technique of washing tissue specimens with a concentrated solution of a heavy metal salt and letting it dry. The specimen will be covered with a very thin layer of the metal salt, being excluded in areas where an adsorbed macromolecule is present. The macromolecules allow electrons from the beam of an electron microscope to pass much more readily than the heavy metal; thus, a reversed or negative image of the molecule is created.
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    • E01.370.225.500.620.670.520
    • E01.370.225.750.600.670.520
    • E05.200.500.620.670.520
    • E05.200.750.600.670.520
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    ethics, trends, veterinary, history, classification, economics, instrumentation, methods, standards, statistics & numerical data
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