SNL Feeder Cells

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    Cell Line
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    more (CBA-310, 311, 312, 313, 315, 316) GHS.pdf
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    Stem Cell Research
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    The SNL 76/7 cell line, established by Dr. Allan Bradley, is clonally derived from a mouse fibroblast STO cell line transformed with neomycin resistance and murine LIF genes. SNL can be used as a feeder cell for ES cell growth, and it also has been recently used in mouse or human iPS culture.
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    Immortalized cell line derived from mouse fibroblast STO cell transformed with murine LIF and neomycin resistance genes
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    Useful for culture of human or mouse iPS cells as well as ES cell growth
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    Must be mitotically inactivated prior to addition of stem cells
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    SNL Feeder Cells
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    SNL Feeder Cells
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