JK1 Feeder Cells

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    1 vial
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    Dry Ice
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    Liquid nitrogen
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    Cell Line
  • Data sheet
    more (CBA-310, 311, 312, 313, 315, 316) GHS.pdf
  • Product Line
    Stem Cell Research
  • Short Description
    JK1 Feeder Cells are used for the maintenance of numerous types of stem cells in their undifferentiated state.  The cells must be mitotically inactivated prior to the addition of ES cells, such as treatment with mitomycin C (2-4 hr, 10 µg/mL).
  • Product feature 1
    Support longer-term proliferation compared to MEF feeder cells
  • Product feature 2
    Culture a wide variety of cell types including pluripotent ESCs, germ-line derived stem cells (e.g. SPCs and MASCs), and primordial germ cell-derived EGCs
  • Product feature 3
    Must be mitotically inactivated prior to addition of stem cells
  • Gene target
    JK1   Feeder   Cells  
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  • Short name
    JK1 Feeder Cells
  • Alternative name
    JK1 Feeder Cells
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