Thyroxine (T4) ELISA Kit (CLIA)

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  • Price
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  • Size
    96 Tests
  • Estimated Turnaround Time
    6-11 Business days
  • Target Name
  • Target s alterntive name
    3, 5, 3', 5'-Tetraiodothyronine, L-Thyroxine, Levothyroxine
  • Species Reactivity
    All species
  • Sample Type
    Serum, Plasma and other biological fluids
  • Detection Range
    2.4-600 ng/mL
  • Sensitivity
    0.9 ng/mL
  • Precision
    Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): 3 samples with low, middle and high level Thyroxine were tested 20 times on one plate, respectively. Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): 3 samples with low, middle and high level Thyroxine were tested on 3 different plates, 8 replicates in each plate.CV (%) = SD/meanX100;Intra-Assay: CV
  • Detection Method
  • Assay Time
    2 hours
  • Application
    For research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures.
  • Assay Type
    Competitive Inhibition
  • Shipping Conditions
    Ice packs
  • Storage Temperature
    Short term: 4°C; Long term: see manual.
  • Precaution of Use
    The Stop Solution is acidic. Do not allow to contact skin or eyes.
  • Shelf life
    Use Thyroxine (T4) ELISA Kit (CLIA) before 8 months
  • Specificity
    This assay has high sensitivity and excellent specificity for detection of Thyroxine
  • Cross Activity
    No significant cross-reactivity or interference between Thyroxine and analogues was observed.
  • Test Principle
    No significant cross-reactivity or interference between Thyroxine and analogues was observed.
  • Stability
    The stability of kit is determined by the loss rate of activity. The loss rate of this kit is less than 5% within the expiration date under appropriate storage condition. To minimize extra influence on the performance, operation procedures and lab conditions, especially room temperature, air humidity, incubator temperature should be strictly controlled. It is also strongly suggested that the whole assay is performed by the same operator from the beginning to the end.
  • Quality Systems
    The kit is manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facilities.
  • Research Area
    Endocrinology, Hormone metabolism
  • Properties
    E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays, E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays
  • Test
    ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays Code 90320007 SNOMED
  • Gene target
    Thyroxine   CLIA  
  • Short name
    Thyroxine (T4) ELISA Kit (CLIA)
  • Technique
    ELISA kit, ELISA, ELISAs Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay 90320007 SNOMED code are used by the medical researcher for detection of human, mouse, … proteins are supplied in coated 96 well plates to be stored at +4°C. ELISA test kits can be sandwich ELISA. In sandwich ELISAS Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay 9we use captor and detector antibodies. In single antibody ELISAs the antigen is coated and only a detector antibody is used. Traditional competition antigen ELISAs are coated with a captor antibody and a competitive antigen is labelled with the chromogen. In this case the ratio on your graph will be inverse proportional with the antigen present in your sample. A sign detected by the Colorimetric detection OD optical density absorbance at 450 nm between 0 and 4 with an ELISA reader for 450 nm absortion. Genprice Inc. the recognized authority tax ID 45-4304622 D-U-N-S number - 078440800. MeSH code E05 478 566 350 170 Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. PROMT code 3841327 Immunoabsorbent assay tests. ELISA tests are enzyme linked immunoassays to detect human, mouse or other proteins in serum, plasma, urine or biological fluids. MeSH code E05 478 566 350 170 for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay or ELISA kits. Also Enzyme-linked immunoassay, competitive have the SNOMED name 61461007 and the PROMT code for ELISA readers is 3841330. This is the desigation of other diagnostic analyzers and tests.
  • Host
    antigen assay ELISA kit 1 Kit (96 Wells)
  • Alternative name
    Thyroxine (T4) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay reagent (CLIA)
  • Alternative technique
    elisas, kits
  • Alternative to gene target
    v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, C-Kit and CD117 and PBT and SCFR, KIT and IDBG-18980 and ENSG00000157404 and 3815, transferase activity, Extracellular, Kit and IDBG-172083 and ENSMUSG00000005672 and 16590, KIT and IDBG-642326 and ENSBTAG00000002699 and 280832
MeSH Data
  • Name
  • Concept
    Scope note: An immunoassay utilizing an antibody labeled with an enzyme marker such as horseradish peroxidase. While either the enzyme or the antibody is bound to an immunosorbent substrate, they both retain their biologic activity; the change in enzyme activity as a result of the enzyme-antibody-antigen reaction is proportional to the concentration of the antigen and can be measured spectrophotometrically or with the naked eye. Many variations of the method have been developed.
  • Tree numbers
    • E05.478.566.350.170
    • E05.478.566.380.360
    • E05.478.583.400.170
    • E05.601.470.350.170
    • E05.601.470.380.360
  • Qualifiers
    ethics, mortality, psychology, trends, veterinary, history, classification, economics, instrumentation, methods, nursing, standards, adverse effects, statistics & numerical data
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