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Exosome fluorescent staining

Exosome fluorescent staining is available 1 time from 101biosystem labs

S104 | Exosome fluorescent staining size: service | 1,465.07 USD

Catalog number S104
Price 1,465.07 USD
Size service
Service category S100 Exosome Services
Shipping recommendations dry ice
Synthesis time 2 weeks
Gene Exosomes are 50 nm small lipoprotein vesicles containing lots of microRNAs. The diagnostic value of exosomic miRNAs is due to their role in signal transduction and cell differentiation. Exoslomal total RNA can be analyzed by next gen sequencing to perform a diagnostic micro RNA profile.
Description Fluorescent microspheres, beads and particles applications including blood flow determination, tracing, fluorimetry, in vivo imaging and calibration of imaging and flow cytometry instruments. Because our fluorescent dyes are incorporated in the bead and not just on the surface, they are relatively immune to photo bleaching and other environmental factors. Spheres are in difference sizes and fluorescences, high intensity, FITC, GFP, red, green, yellow, light yellow, sky blue, blue, orange, deep-red, Nile-red, purple, mcherry. The diameter of the spheres is usually higher than 50nm and in the micrometer um range.
Gene targetstaining
Short name Exosome staining
Technique exosome
Label fluorescent
Alternative name exosomal fluorescent coloring
Alternative technique exosomes
Tissue exosome
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Exosome staining | Technique alternative | 01012512227
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