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8-Strip Flat Caps,Optically Clear

8-Strip Flat Caps,Optically Clear is available 1 time from Genesee labs

24-306 | 8-Strip Flat Caps,Optically Clear size: Bag of 125 Strips/Unit | 102.34 USD

Catalog number 24-306
Supplier Genesee
Price 102.34 USD
Size Bag of 125 Strips/Unit
Description Optically Clear
Additional description The clearness of this item has been validated before batch release.0,2 ml 8 well PCR test strip tubes and dip test strip are basic diagnostic tools used to determine pathological changes in a patient’s urine in standard urinalysis.
Gene targetFlat Caps,Optically
Short name 8-Strip Flat Caps,Optically
Technique strip
Alternative name 8-Strip Flat Caps,Optically Clear
Alternative technique strips
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8-Strip Flat Caps,Optically Clear -
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