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Mouse PDGF AA Platelet Derived Growth Factor AA Kit

Mouse PDGF AA Platelet Derived Growth Factor AA Kit is available 2 times from Elabscience labs

E-EL-M0630 | Mouse PDGF-AA (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA) ELISA Kit size: 96T | 596.26 USD

Catalog number E-EL-M0630
Price 596.26 USD
Size 96T
Sensitivity 18,75pg/mL
Properties E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays,E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays
Test ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays Code 90320007 SNOMED,Mouse or mice from the Mus musculus species are used for production of mouse monoclonal antibodies or mabs and as research model for humans in your lab. Mouse are mature after 40 days for females and 55 days for males. The female mice are pregnant only 20 days and can give birth to 10 litters of 6-8 mice a year. Transgenic, knock-out, congenic and inbread strains are known for C57BL/6, A/J, BALB/c, SCID while the CD-1 is outbred as strain.
Additional description Aplha, transcription related growth factors and stimulating factors or repressing nuclear factors are complex subunits of proteins involved in cell differentiation. Complex subunit associated factors are involved in hybridoma growth, Eosinohils, eritroid proliferation and derived from promotor binding stimulating subunits on the DNA binding complex. NFKB 105 subunit for example is a polypetide gene enhancer of genes in B cells.Platelets, also called thrombocytes or cloth cells in blood and are needed to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting the blood the vessels when the an injury occurs. Teh bone marrow will produce the platelets that have no nucleus. Platelates are unique to mammals, the are curved shaped 1900nm to 3100 nm large nucleus free clothing structures.
Latin name Mus musculus
Gene targetPDGF-AA Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA
Short name Mouse PDGF-AA (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA) ELISA Kit
Technique ELISA kit, ELISA, Mouse
Alternative name Mouse PDGF-AA (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay reagent
Alternative technique elisas
1. Gene info
Identity 8799
Long gene name platelet derived growth factor subunit A
Synonyms gene name
  • platelet-derived growth factor alpha polypeptide
  • PDGF1
  • PDGF-A
Synonyms name
  • PDGF A-chain
  • platelet-derived growth factor alpha chain
Locus 7p22.3
Discovery year 1986-01-01
Entrez gene record 5154
Pubmed identfication
  • 1505216
  • 2536956
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000151412
2. Gene info
Identity 11714
Gene TEAD1
Long gene name TEA domain transcription factor 1
Synonyms gene
  • TCF13
  • AA
Synonyms gene name
  • atrophia areata, peripapillary chorioretinal degeneration
  • TEA domain family member 1 (SV40 transcriptional enhancer factor)
  • TEF-1
Synonyms name
  • transcriptional enhancer factor 1
GenBank acession
  • X84839
Locus 11p15.3
Discovery year 1994-09-22
Entrez gene record 7003
Pubmed identfication
  • 1851669
  • 9889009
  • 15016762
RefSeq identity
  • NM_021961
  • TEA domain transcription factors
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000165878
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E-EL-M0630-96T | Mouse PDGF-AA(Platelet Derived Growth Factor AA) EIA Kit size: 96Test | 571.85 USD

Category ELISA Kit
Description The kit is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay for in vitro quantitative measurement of PDGF-AA in Mouse serum, plasma and other biological fluids
Target PDGF-AA(Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA)
Reactivity Mouse
Applications ELISA
Detection limit 31,25--2000pg/mL
Kit's suitable for Serum, Plasma, Biological Fluids
Datasheet Inquire
Detection Type Colormetric
Target Species Mouse
Target Synonym NA
Test principle This EIA kit uses the Sandwich-EIA principle. The micro EIA plate provided in this kit has been pre-coated with an antibody specific to Mouse PDGF-AA. Standards or samples are added to the micro EIA plate wells and combined with the specific antibody. Then a biotinylated detection antibody specific for Mouse PDGF-AA and Avidin-Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugate are added successively to each micro plate well and incubated. Free components are washed away. The substrate solution is added to each well. Only those wells that contain Mouse PDGF-AA, biotinylated detection antibody and Avidin-HRP conjugate will appear blue in color. The enzyme-substrate reaction is terminated by the addition of stop solution and the color turns yellow. The optical density (OD) is measured spectrophotometrically at a wavelength of 450 nm ± 2 nm. The OD value is proportional to the concentration of Mouse PDGF-AA. You can calculate the concentration of Mouse PDGF-AA in the samples by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.
Detection Range 31.25~2000pg/mL
Target Name PDGF-AA
Tested Sample Types Serum, Plasma, Cell supernatant
Product Name Mouse PDGF-AA(Platelet Derived Growth Factor AA) EIA Kit
Type Sandwich
Host mouse
Species Mouse
Alternative to gene target v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, C-Kit and CD117 and PBT and SCFR, KIT and IDBG-18980 and ENSG00000157404 and 3815, transferase activity, Extracellular, Kit and IDBG-172083 and ENSMUSG00000005672 and 16590, KIT and IDBG-642326 and ENSBTAG00000002699 and 280832
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Mouse PDGF-AA (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA) ELISA Kit
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • Platelet-Derived
  • Growth
  • Factor-AA
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