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Rat Cystatin C Cst3

Rat Cystatin C Cst3 is available 4 times from Mbs recombinant labs

GEN1069181.Baculovirus | Rat Cystatin-C (Cst3) -Baculovirus size: 100ug | 1,720.19 USD


GEN1069181.E.coli | Rat Cystatin-C (Cst3) -E. coli size: 1000ug | 1,720.19 USD


GEN1069181.Mammalian Cell | Rat Cystatin-C (Cst3) -Mammalian Cell size: 100ug | 2,329.52 USD


GEN1069181.Yeast | Rat Cystatin-C (Cst3) -Yeast size: 1000ug | 2,329.52 USD

Long name Recombinant Rat Cystatin-C (Cst3)
Alternative names cystatin-C; Cystatin-C; cystatin-C; cystatin 3; cystatin-3; Cystatin C (cysteine proteinase inhibitor); cystatin C; Cystatin-3
Gene name Cst3
Other gene names Cst3; Cst3; CYSC;
Product category Recombinant Proteins
Available also expressed in: E Coli ; Yeast ; Baculovirus ; Mammalian Cell
Purity Greater than 90% (determined by SDS-PAGE)
Form Lyophilized protein
Storage This protein can be stored at -20 degrees Celsius. For extended periods of time it is recommended to keep the protein frozen at -40 or -80 degrees Celsius. Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing as they might denaturate the polypeptide chains.
Applications This protein can be used as a positive control for applications such as ELISA, IFA, RIA, Western Blot, etc.
Short name Cystatin-C (Cst3)
Host Rat
Alternative technique escherichia
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Rat Cystatin C Cst3 -
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