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flt 3 Ligand murine recombinant

flt 3 Ligand murine recombinant is available 3 times from Biovision labs

4086-10 | flt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant size: 10 μg | 393.43 USD


4086-1000 | flt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant size: 1 mg | 4,649.58 USD


4086-50 | flt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant size: 50 μg | 888.19 USD

Catalog number 4086-50
Supplier Biovision
Price 888.19 USD
Size 50 μg
1. Gene info
Identity 37516
Gene PIRC12
Long gene name piwi-interacting RNA cluster 12
Locus 3
Discovery year 2009-11-05
Entrez gene record 100313808
Pubmed identfication
  • 17881367
  • Piwi-interacting RNA clusters
Product images
    #0#.jpegflt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant
Synonyms Fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand
Alternates names Fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand, Short name=Flt3 ligand, Short name=Flt3L, SL cytokine
Taglines A member of a small family of growth factors that stimulate the proliferation of hematopoietic cells
Biomolecule/Target Flt-3 Ligand
NCBI Gene ID #. 14256
NCBI Gene Symbol Flt3-L
Gene Source Mouse
Accession # P49772
Recombinant Yes
Source E. coli
Purity ≥98%
Activity (Specifications/test method) N/A
Biological activity Determined by the dose dependent proliferation of mouse AML5 cells
Results 5-8 ng/ml
Molecular Weight 16.4 kDa
Storage Temp. -20°C
Shipping Gel pack
Shelf Life 1 year
Concentration N/A
Appearance Lyophilized protein
Physical form description Sterile filtered and lyophilized with no additives.
Reconstitution Instructions Reconstitute in H₂O to a concentration of 0.1 – 1.0 mg/ml. The solution can then be diluted into other aqueous buffers and stored at 4°C for 1 week or –20°C for future use.
Handling Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.
Usage For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans
Description FAS ligand and other ligands are binding to the receptor for signaling pathways for example in apoptosis or JNK signaling. Receptor agonists are often tested for drug development.
Additional source Recombinants or rec. proteins
Group recombinants
Gene targetflt-3-Ligand murine
Short name flt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant
Technique Recombinant
Alternative name flt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant
Alternative technique rec
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flt-3-Ligand, murine recombinant | Technique alternative | 0
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  • murine
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