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Rat Urotensin 2B UTS2D ELISA Kit

Rat Urotensin 2B UTS2D ELISA Kit is available 2 times from Ab-elisa elisas labs

AE11897RA | Rat Urotensin-2B (UTS2D) ELISA Kit size: 96 wells plate | 874.74 USD

Catalog number AE11897RA
Price 874.74 USD
Size 96 wells plate
Short name Urotensin-2B (UTS2D) ELISA Kit
1. Gene info
Identity 30894
Gene UTS2B
Long gene name urotensin 2B
Synonyms gene
  • UTS2D
Synonyms gene name
  • urotensin 2 domain containing
  • URP
  • U2B
Synonyms name
  • prepro-URP
GenBank acession
  • AB116021
Locus 3q28
Discovery year 2005-02-25
Entrez gene record 257313
Pubmed identfication
  • 14550283
RefSeq identity
  • NM_198152
  • Receptor ligands
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000156192
2. Gene info
Identity 5494
Gene IGHD2OR15-2B
Long gene name immunoglobulin heavy diversity 2/OR15-2B (non-functional)
Synonyms gene name
  • immunoglobulin heavy diversity 2/OR15-2B
  • IGHD2/OR15-2B
  • IGHD2OR152B
GenBank acession
  • X55578
Locus 15q11.2
Discovery year 2000-04-17
Entrez gene record 28332
Pubmed identfication
  • 2114977
  • Immunoglobulin heavy (IGH) orphons
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000184595
Product images

AE11897RA | Rat Urotensin-2B (UTS2D) ELISA Kit size: 48 wells plate | 546.00 USD

Also known as Urotensin-2B (UTS2D) ELISA kit
Species reactivity Rat
Recognised antigen Urotensin-2B
ELISA kit for detection of Rat Urotensin-2B (UTS2D)
Application ELISA
Sample types tested for this ELISA kit Serum
Storage and handling Upon receipt, store all of the kit's components regrigerated at tempretaures between 2 and 6 degrees Celcius. Do not freeze any of the components of the ELISA kit.
Advisory Due to transportation and handling issues small amounts of the liquid components of the ELISA kit may get trapped onto the seal or walls of the tubes. Prior to use, briefly centrifuge these liquid components to collect all of the amount on the bottom of the vial.
Properties E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays,E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays
Test ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays Code 90320007 SNOMED
About Rats are used to make rat monoclonal anti mouse antibodies. There are less rat- than mouse clones however. Rats genes from rodents of the genus Rattus norvegicus are often studied in vivo as a model of human genes in Sprague-Dawley or Wistar rats.
Latin name Rattus norvegicus
Gene targetUrotensin-2B UTS2D
Technique ELISA kit, ELISA
Host Rat
Species Rat
Alternative name ELISA kit for Rat Urotensin-2B (UTS2D)
Alternative technique elisas
Alternative to gene target v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, C-Kit and CD117 and PBT and SCFR, KIT and IDBG-18980 and ENSG00000157404 and 3815, transferase activity, Extracellular, Kit and IDBG-172083 and ENSMUSG00000005672 and 16590, KIT and IDBG-642326 and ENSBTAG00000002699 and 280832
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Urotensin-2B (UTS2D) ELISA Kit | Technique alternative | 010
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • Urotensin-2B
  • UTS2D
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