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Creatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry

Creatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry is available 2 times from Cdh intl labs

025726-4X100 g | Creatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry size: 4X100 g | 346.97 USD

Catalog number 025726-4X100 g
Supplier CDH INTL
Price 346.97 USD
Size 4X100 g

025726-10X25 g | Creatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry size: 10X25 g | 291.41 USD

Cas No (19230-81-0)
Gene targetCreatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry
Short name Creatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry
Alternative name Creatinine Hydrochloride to measure Biochemistry
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Creatinine Hydrochloride for Biochemistry | Technique altern
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