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FITC-Linked Polyclonal Antibody to Stratifin (SFN)

FITC-Linked Polyclonal Antibody to Stratifin (SFN) is available 1 time from Mybiosource labs

MBS2079410 | FITC-Linked Polyclonal Antibody to Stratifin (SFN) size: 0,1 mg | 541.85 USD

Catalog number MBS2079410
Price 541.85 USD
Size 0,1 mg
1. Gene info
Long gene namestratifin
Synonyms name
GenBank acession
Discovery year1994-09-15
Pubmed identfication
RefSeq identity
Havana BLAST/BLATOTTHUMG00000004093
MeSH Data
Tree numbers
  • E05.196.401.143
  • E05.301.300.096
  • E05.478.566.320.200
  • E05.601.262
  • E05.601.470.320.200
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Other size please contact us to order other different size
Properties If you buy Antibodies supplied by MyBioSource they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.This MyBioSource Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) antibody is currently after some BD antibodies the most commonly used fluorescent dye for FACS. When excited at 488 nanometers, FITC has a green emission that's usually collected at 530 nanometers, the FL1 detector of a FACSCalibur or FACScan. FITC has a high quantum yield (efficiency of energy transfer from absorption to emission fluorescence) and approximately half of the absorbed photons are emitted as fluorescent light. For fluorescent microscopy applications, the 1 FITC is seldom used as it photo bleaches rather quickly though in flow cytometry applications, its photo bleaching effects are not observed due to a very brief interaction at the laser intercept. MyBioSource FITC is highly sensitive to pH extremes.
Conjugation Anti-FITC Antibody
Group Polyclonals and antibodies
About Polyclonals can be used for Western blot, immunohistochemistry on frozen slices or parrafin fixed tissues. The advantage is that there are more epitopes available in a polyclonal antiserum to detect the proteins than in monoclonal sera.
French translation anticorps
Gene targetLinked Stratifin SFN
Short name FITC-Linked Polyclonal Antibody Stratifin (SFN)
Technique Polyclonal, Antibody, FITC
Label FITC
Alternative name fluorecein-Linked polyclonal (Antibody to) to Stratifin (stratifin)
Alternative technique polyclonals
Alternative to gene target stratifin, YWHAS, SFN and IDBG-94738 and ENSG00000175793 and 2810, phosphoprotein binding, nuclei, Sfn and IDBG-195282 and ENSMUSG00000047281 and 55948, SFN and IDBG-647781 and ENSBTAG00000009223 and 528453
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FITC-Linked Polyclonal Antibody to Stratifin (SFN) size: 0,1
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