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Ribocil C R enantiomer

Ribocil C R enantiomer is available 4 times from Chemscene labs

CS-0033131-10mg | Ribocil-C R enantiomer 10mg size: 10mg | 1,378.26 USD


CS-0033131-1mg | Ribocil-C R enantiomer 1mg size: 1mg | 530.10 USD


CS-0033131-25mg | Ribocil-C R enantiomer 25mg size: 25mg | 2,791.86 USD


CS-0033131-5mg | Ribocil-C R enantiomer 5mg size: 5mg | 954.18 USD

Alternative_Names NA
Purity >98%
MWt 419.50
Formula C21H21N7OS
Solubility DMSO : 6.7 mg/mL (15.97 mM; Need ultrasonic and warming)
Clinical_Information No Development Reported
Pathway Others
Target Others
Alternative technique antibodies
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Ribocil C R enantiomer -
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  • Ribocil-C
  • enantiomer
  • 10mg
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