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Rat/human Akt-1 Control/blocking peptide #4

Rat/human Akt-1 Control/blocking peptide #4 is available 1 time from Adi labs

AKT14-P | Rat/human Akt-1 Control/blocking peptide #4 size: 100 ug | 194.70 USD

Catalog number AKT14-P
Supplier adi
Price 194.70 USD
Size 100 ug
Product images
Stock availability Available
Category Antibody Blocking Peptide
Antibody type N/A
Antibody host N/A
Antibody conjugate N/A
Technical datasheet Contact Gentaur to request the datasheet or ask our specialists for more information.
Notes The Rat/human Akt-1 Control/blocking peptide #4 is manufactured for Research Use Only or for diagnostics purposes.
Test You can block the antibody by the specific target amino acid sequence of peptide.
Properties blocking peptide,Human proteins, cDNA and human recombinants are used in human reactive ELISA kits and to produce anti-human mono and polyclonal antibodies. Modern humans (Homo sapiens, primarily ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens). Depending on the epitopes used human ELISA kits can be cross reactive to many other species. Mainly analyzed are human serum, plasma, urine, saliva, human cell culture supernatants and biological samples.
Description Isotype or positive controls by peptides, antibodies and deactivated samples.Peptides short amino acid chains or epitopes or blocking antagonists. The shortest peptides are dipeptides, consisting of 2 amino acids joined by a single peptide bond, followed by tripeptides, tetra peptides, ... till polypeptides that are long, continuous, and unbranched synthetic peptide chains. These biological oligomers and polymers can be Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), or in continue produced for custom peptide synthesis projects. The High-efficiency solid phase peptide synthesis (HE-SPPS) is give very low production costs.
About Rats are used to make rat monoclonal anti mouse antibodies. There are less rat- than mouse clones however. Rats genes from rodents of the genus Rattus norvegicus are often studied in vivo as a model of human genes in Sprague-Dawley or Wistar rats.
Latin name Rattus norvegicus
Gene targetAkt-1
Short name / Akt-1 Control/blocking peptide #4
Technique blocking peptide, Blocking, Control, peptide
Host Rat
Species Rat
Alternative name Rat/H. sapiens Akt-1 reference/inhibiting short protein sequence #4
Alternative technique control
Tissue control
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/ Akt-1 Control/blocking peptide #4 | Technique alternative
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