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01016987279 3D-Genekam-bullets containing MSC 5 Info Genekam STEM15 5 Ask Ask
01016987280 3D-Genekam-bullets containing MSC 10 Info Genekam STEM16 10 Ask Ask
01016987281 3D-Genekam-bullets containing cell line 10 Info Genekam STEM18 10 Ask Ask
01016987282 3D-Genekam-bullets containing cell line 5 Info Genekam STEM17 5 Ask Ask
01016987283 Staining solution for 3D-Genekam-Bullet Info Genekam STEM19 4X1ml Ask Ask
01016987284 G-Bullet lyser for 3D-Genekam-Bullet Info Genekam STEM20 2X10ml Ask Ask
01016987295 Human Molecular marker for skeletal / moygenic differention (single check): MyoD Info Genekam K277 100 reactions Ask Ask
01016987306 Genekam universal DNA isolation kit 50 Info Genekam SB0001 50 reactions Ask Ask
01016987307 Genekam universal DNA isolation kit 100 Info Genekam SB0002 100 reactions Ask Ask
01016987308 Genekam universal DNA isolation kit 250 Info Genekam SB0003 250 reactions Ask Ask
01016987309 Genekam universal DNA isolation kit 1000 Info Genekam SB0004 1000 reactions Ask Ask
01016987312 Genekam PCR Mastermix solution (2x) 100 Info Genekam SB0011 2X1 ml Ask Ask
01016987313 Genekam PCR Mastermix solution (2x) 1000 reactions Info Genekam SB0012 10 ml Ask Ask
01016987315 Collagen 1 Info Genekam MK06 25 reactions Ask Ask
01016987316 Genekam One Step RT-Master mix 30 Info Genekam SB0021 30 reactions Ask Ask
01016987317 Genekam One Step RT-Master Mix 200 Info Genekam SB0022 200 reactions Ask Ask
01016987318 ß-actin Info Genekam MK07 25 reactions Ask Ask
01016987319 Runx 2 Info Genekam MK065 25 reactions Ask Ask
01016987320 Genekam RT Master mix (cDNA Synthesis Kit) Info Genekam SB0031 100 reactions Ask Ask
01016987321 Genekam loading dye (Blue) 1ml Info Genekam SB0041 1 ml Ask Ask
01016987322 Osteocalcin Info Genekam MK066 25 reactions Ask Ask
01016987323 Genekam loading dye (Blue) 10x1ml Info Genekam SB0042 10 x 1 ml Ask Ask
01016987324 Genekam TAE Buffer (10x) Info Genekam SB0051 3X1 liter Ask Ask
01016987325 Osteopontin Info Genekam MK067 25 reactions Ask Ask
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