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01014735440 Ig A, in vitro Info HyTest 1A1cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735441 Ig A Info HyTest 1A1-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735442 Ig E Info HyTest 1E4-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735443 Ig E, in vitro Info HyTest 1E4cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735444 Ig G Info HyTest 1G1-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735445 Ig G, in vitro Info HyTest 1G1cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735446 Ig G1, in vitro Info HyTest 1G2cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735447 Ig G2 Info HyTest 1G5-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735448 Ig G3, in vitro Info HyTest 1G3cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735449 Ig G4, in vitro Info HyTest 1G4cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735450 Ig M Info HyTest 1M3-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735451 Ig M, in vitro Info HyTest 1M3cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735452 Kappa (free) LIg ht Chains Info HyTest 1K8-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735453 Kappa LIg ht Chains, in vitro Info HyTest 1K5cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735454 Lambda (free) LIg ht Chains, in vitro Info HyTest 1L7cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735455 LIg ht Chains of Human Immunoglobulins Info HyTest 1K9-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735456 Adiponectin, Human Info HyTest 2AN6-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735458 Cortisol Info HyTest 2C2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735459 Cortisol, in vitro Info HyTest 2C2cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735460 Cholera Toxin Info HyTest 2C4-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735461 Diphteria Toxin Info HyTest 2DT13-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735462 Diphteria Toxin, A-subunit Info HyTest 2DT14-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735464 Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), beta chain Info HyTest 2FSH2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735465 Microcystin-LR Info HyTest 2MC2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735466 Enterotoxin B Staphylococcus Aureus Info HyTest 2S4-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735467 Staphylococcus Aureus enterotoxin type I Info HyTest 2S5-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735468 Staphylococcus Aureus enterotoxin type G Info HyTest 2S6-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735469 Staphylococcus Aureus enterotoxin type A Info HyTest 2S7-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735470 Ghrelin Info HyTest 2GH1-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735471 HCG Info HyTest 2H8-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735472 HGH Info HyTest 2G2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735476 CA-125 Info HyTest 8C29-250 250 KIU Ask Ask
01014735477 CA-15-3 Info HyTest 8CA15-251 251 KIU Ask Ask
01014735478 Rat C-peptide Info HyTest 2I3-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735479 CA-19-9 Info HyTest 8CA19-252 252 KIU Ask Ask
01014735480 Leptin Info HyTest 2LE1-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735481 CA72-4 Info HyTest 8CA72-253 253 KIU Ask Ask
01014735482 Luteinizing hormone (LH), beta chain Info HyTest 2LH2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735483 Esherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin B-chain Info HyTest 2LTB2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735484 Progesterone Info HyTest 2P2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735485 Proinsulin, Human Info HyTest 2P9-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735486 Rat proinsulin Info HyTest 2PR8-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735487 Prolactin Info HyTest 2PL7-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735488 Ricin Info HyTest 2R1-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735489 Thyroglobulin, Human, in vitro Info HyTest 2TG12cc-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735490 Testosterone Info HyTest 2T2-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735491 Thyroxine, Human Info HyTest 2T6-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735492 Triiodothyronine Info HyTest 2T7-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735493 Tetanus Toxin Info HyTest 2TE8-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
01014735494 TSH Info HyTest 2TS11-1MG 1 Mg Ask Ask
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