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01016988181 Human 1,3-βD Glucosidase(1,3-βD-Glu) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05001h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988182 Human 1,25(OH)2D3 ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05002h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988185 Human 2,3-diphosphoglycerate(2,3-DPG)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05003h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988186 Human 3-nitrotyrosine(3-NT) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05004h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988191 Human 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05005h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988192 Human 5-hydroxy tryptamine 5-ht) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05006h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988195 Human 5-Nucleotidase (5-NT) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05007h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988197 Human 8-iso-Prostaglandin F2a (8-isoPGF2α) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05008h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988200 Human 14-3-3 Protein(14-3-3 Pro) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05010h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988204 Human 17-Hydroxycorticosteroids(17-OHCS) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05012h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988207 Human 25-hydroxy vitamin D(25(OH)D) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05013h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988210 Human Anti-Actin antibodies(AAA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05014h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988212 Human ATP Binding Cassette Transporter G2 (ABCG2) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05015h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988214 Human acetoacetic acid (ACAC) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05016h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988220 Human Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme (ACE) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05017h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988221 Human acetylcholine(ACh) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05018h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988228 Human acatylcholine receptor antibody(AchRab) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05019h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988233 Human Adiponectin(Acrp30) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05020h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988236 Human Activin A (ACVA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05021h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988244 Human Adamalysin19(ADAM19) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05022h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988245 Human Adrenomedullin(ADM) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05023h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988250 Human Asymmetric dimethylarginine(ADMA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05024h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988251 Human Adipocyte fatty-acid binding protein(aFABP)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05025h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988257 Human acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05026h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988258 Human Acidic fibroblast growth factor antibody(aFGFAb)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05027h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988264 Human α-fetoprotein(AFP)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05028h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988266 Human Molecular heterogenetic of AFP(AFP-L1)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05029h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988272 Human Molecular heterogenetic of AFP(AFP-L3)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05030h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988273 Human Advanced glycation end products(AGEs)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05031h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988277 Human α-glucosidase(α-Glu)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05032h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988278 Human Albumin(ALB)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05033h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988284 Human Aldosterone(ALD)ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05034h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988290 Human Alkaline phosphatase(ALP) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05035h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988296 Human Anti-mitochondrial antibody(AMA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05036h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988304 Human Anti-Mullerian hormone(AMH) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05038h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988311 Human Anti-nuclear antibody(ANA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05039h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988315 Human Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies(ANCA) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05040h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988322 Human Angiotensin(ANG) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05043h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988326 Human Angiotensin(ANG II) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05044h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988329 Human angiopoietin-like protein2(ANGPTL2) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05045h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988330 Human neuronal nuclear autoantibody(ANNA-1) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05046h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988331 Human Annexin A5(Annexin A5) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05047h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988332 Human Atrial natriuretic peptide(ANP) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05048h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988333 Human Anti- andplatelet-specific antibodies(anti-GPIIb/IIIa ) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05049h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988334 Enlibio-EIA05050h Info Enlibio EIA05050h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988335 Human Anti-Survivin Antibody(anti-Surv ) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05051h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988336 Human Anti-Thrombopoietin Antibody(anti-TPO Ab ) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05052h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988337 Human Anti-Thrombopoietin Receptor Antibody(anti-TPO R Ab ) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05053h 1 Kit Ask Ask
01016988338 Human Advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP) ELISA Kit Info Enlibio EIA05054h 1 Kit Ask Ask
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