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01018855966 Recombinant SARS-CoV/SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid mAb Info Bon Opus BA001 1mg Ask Ask
01018855967 SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) NP Antibody Info Bon Opus DA027 50ug Ask Ask
01018855968 Anti- 2019-nCoV NP ScFv (4A6) Info Bon Opus DA028 1mg Ask Ask
01018855969 Anti-2019-nCoV NP ScFv-Fc(4A6) Info Bon Opus DA029 1mg Ask Ask
01018855970 Anti-2019-nCoV S-IgM Neutralizing Antibody (Human IgM,8A5) Info Bon Opus DA039 50ug Ask Ask
01018855971 Anti-2019-nCoV S-IgA Neutralizing Antibody (Human IgA,8A5) Info Bon Opus DA040 500ug Ask Ask
01018855972 Anti-2019-nCoV S Antibody (5E8) Info Bon Opus DA041 1mg Ask Ask
01018855973 Anti-2019-nCoV S Antibody (2B7) Info Bon Opus DA042 1mg Ask Ask
01018855974 2019-nCoV NP Antibody (4A6) Info Bon Opus DA049 1mg Ask Ask
01018855975 Anti-2019-nCoV S1 mAb(5D9) Info Bon Opus NC025 1mg Ask Ask
01018855981 3CLPro(Nsp5, E.coli, N-6His) Info Bon Opus CR76 10ug Ask Ask
01018855982 Helicase(NSP13, E.coli, C-6His) Info Bon Opus CR84 10ug Ask Ask
01018855983 NSP1(Host translation inhibitor, E.coli, C-6His) Info Bon Opus CR78 10ug Ask Ask
01018855984 NSP2(E.coli, C-6His) Info Bon Opus CR82 10ug Ask Ask
01018855985 NSP7(Primase, E.coli, C-6His) Info Bon Opus CR79 10ug Ask Ask
01018855986 NSP8(Primase, E.coli, C-6His) Info Bon Opus CR80 10ug Ask Ask
01018855987 NSP10(GFL, E.col, C-6His) Info Bon Opus CR81 10ug Ask Ask
01018855988 papain-like protease(NSP3) Info Bon Opus CR77 10ug Ask Ask
01018855989 Guanine-N7_methyltransferase(NSP16, E.coli, N-6His) Info Bon Opus CR83 10ug Ask Ask
01018855990 Human ACE-2(Mammalian, C-6His) Info Bon Opus C419 10ug Ask Ask
01018855991 Human ACE-2(Mammalian, C-Fc) Info Bon Opus C05Y 10ug Ask Ask
01018855992 Human ACE-2(Mammalian, C-mFc) Info Bon Opus C06A 10ug Ask Ask
01018855993 Mouse ACE-2 (Mammalian, C-10His) Info Bon Opus C07D 10ug Ask Ask
01018855994 Rhesus Macaque ACE-2(Mammalian, C-10His) Info Bon Opus C07U 10ug Ask Ask
01018855995 Rhesus Macaque ACE-2 (Mammalian, C-Fc) Info Bon Opus C07W 10ug Ask Ask
01018855996 S Protein RBD(Mammalian, C-mFc) Info Bon Opus DRA32 50ug Ask Ask
01018855997 S Protein RBD(Mammalian, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA36 50ug Ask Ask
01018855998 S Protein RBD-SD1(Mammalian, C-mFc) Info Bon Opus DRA38 50ug Ask Ask
01018855999 S Protein RBD-SD1(Mammalian, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA42 50ug Ask Ask
01018856000 S-trimer Protein (Mammalian, D614G, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA59 50ug Ask Ask
01018856001 S Protein RBD-SD1(Mammalian, V367F, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA50 50ug Ask Ask
01018856002 S1 Protein (Mammalian, D614G,C-10His) Info Bon Opus DRA57 50ug Ask Ask
01018856003 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, F342L, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA73 50ug Ask Ask
01018856004 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, N354D, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA74 50ug Ask Ask
01018856005 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, R408I, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA75 50ug Ask Ask
01018856006 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, V367F, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA76 50ug Ask Ask
01018856007 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, A435S, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA77 50ug Ask Ask
01018856008 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, K458R, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA78 50ug Ask Ask
01018856009 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, G476S, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA79 50ug Ask Ask
01018856010 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, V483R, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA80 50ug Ask Ask
01018856011 S Protein RBD-SD1(Mammalian, N354D, D364Y, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA51 50ug Ask Ask
01018856012 S Protein RBD-SD1(Mammalian, W436R, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA52 50ug Ask Ask
01018856013 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, D364Y, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA81 50ug Ask Ask
01018856014 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, V341I, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA82 50ug Ask Ask
01018856015 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, N501Y, C-6His) Info Bon Opus DRA120 50ug Ask Ask
01018856016 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, N501Y, C-Fc) Info Bon Opus DRA121 50ug Ask Ask
01018856017 S Protein HR1 (E.coli, N-6His-Sumo) Info Bon Opus DRA83 50ug Ask Ask
01018856018 S Protein HR1 Info Bon Opus DRA84 50ug Ask Ask
01018856019 S Protein RBD(Mammalian, C-mFc) V2 Info Bon Opus DRA68 50ug Ask Ask
01018856020 S Protein RBD (Mammalian, C-6His) V2 Info Bon Opus DRA72 50ug Ask Ask
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