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02015423235 Bafilomycin A1[Bafilomycin A1] Info MyBioSource MBS651195 NA Ask Ask
02015423242 Reveromycin C[Reveromycin C] Info MyBioSource MBS651204 NA Ask Ask
02015423248 Berninamycin A (Berninamycin, Antibiotic U27810)[Berninamycin A] Info MyBioSource MBS651212 NA Ask Ask
02015423249 Ikarugamycin[Ikarugamycin] Info MyBioSource MBS651213 NA Ask Ask
02015423256 Nemadectin (Antibiotic S541A, Antibiotic LL-F28249 alpha)[Nemadectin] Info MyBioSource MBS651222 NA Ask Ask
02015423260 O-Deacetyl-ravidomycin (Antibiotic AY 26623)[O-Deacetyl-ravidomycin] Info MyBioSource MBS651226 NA Ask Ask
02015423261 Oligomycin B[Oligomycin B] Info MyBioSource MBS651227 NA Ask Ask
02015423269 Desotamide[Desotamide] Info MyBioSource MBS651236 NA Ask Ask
02015423270 Sultriecin (Antibiotic BU 3285T)[Sultriecin] Info MyBioSource MBS651237 NA Ask Ask
02015423280 Chrysomycin B (Chrysomycin M, Virenomycin M, Albacarcin M)[Chrysomycin B] Info MyBioSource MBS651247 NA Ask Ask
02015423285 Oligomycin A[Oligomycin A] Info MyBioSource MBS651252 NA Ask Ask
02015423289 Reticulol (6,8-Dihydroxy-7-methoxy-3-methylisocoumarin)[Reticulol] Info MyBioSource MBS651256 NA Ask Ask
02015423293 Herbimycin A (Herbimycin, Antibiotic TAN 420F)[Herbimycin A] Info MyBioSource MBS651260 NA Ask Ask
02015423298 Herbimycin C (Antibiotic TAN 420D)[Herbimycin C] Info MyBioSource MBS651264 NA Ask Ask
02015423304 Concanamycin A (Folimycin, Antibiotic TAN 1323B)[Concanamycin A] Info MyBioSource MBS651273 NA Ask Ask
02015423307 Aureothricin (Propionylpyrrothione, Farcinin)[Aureothricin] Info MyBioSource MBS651276 NA Ask Ask
02015423316 Kendomycin (Antibiotic TAN 2162)[Kendomycin] Info MyBioSource MBS651286 NA Ask Ask
02015423320 Neoantimycin[Neoantimycin] Info MyBioSource MBS651290 NA Ask Ask
02015423322 Gilvocarcin V (Anandimycin A, Toromycin B, Antibiotic 1072B)[Gilvocarcin V] Info MyBioSource MBS651293 NA Ask Ask
02015423343 Bafilomycin B1 (Setamycin)[Bafilomycin B1] Info MyBioSource MBS651315 NA Ask Ask
02015423347 Trinactin (Antibiotic AKD-1D, Antibiotic S 3466B)[Trinactin] Info MyBioSource MBS651320 NA Ask Ask
02015423348 Antibiotic RK-682 (Antibiotic TAN 1364B, Antibiotic CI 010)[Antibiotic RK-682] Info MyBioSource MBS651321 NA Ask Ask
02015423358 Gilvocarcin M (Anandimycin B, Toromycin B, Antibiotic 1072A)[Gilvocarcin M] Info MyBioSource MBS651332 NA Ask Ask
02015423369 Reveromycin D[Reveromycin D] Info MyBioSource MBS651344 NA Ask Ask
02015423374 Venturicidin B (Aabomycin A2)[Venturicidin B] Info MyBioSource MBS651350 NA Ask Ask
02015423376 Berninamycin D[Berninamycin D] Info MyBioSource MBS651353 NA Ask Ask
02015423377 Dinactin (Antibiotic AKD 1C, Antibiotic S 3466A)[Dinactin] Info MyBioSource MBS651354 NA Ask Ask
02015423378 Thiolutin (N-acetylpyrrothine, Farcinicine, Acetopyrrothine)[Thiolutin] Info MyBioSource MBS651355 NA Ask Ask
02015423382 Reveromycin A[Reveromycin A] Info MyBioSource MBS651360 NA Ask Ask
02015423388 Antibiotic UCN-01 (7-Hydroxystaurosporine, UCN-01)[Antibiotic UCN-01] Info MyBioSource MBS651368 NA Ask Ask
02015423398 Reveromycin B[Reveromycin B] Info MyBioSource MBS651379 NA Ask Ask
02015423405 Trichostatin C (Antibiotic 145-A)[Trichostatin C] Info MyBioSource MBS651386 NA Ask Ask
02015423410 Herbimycin C, dihydro- (Antibiotic TAN 420C)[Herbimycin C, dihydro-] Info MyBioSource MBS651391 NA Ask Ask
02015423421 Geninthiocin (14-Demethylberinamycin)[Geninthiocin] Info MyBioSource MBS651403 NA Ask Ask
02015423427 Oligomycin C (12-Deoxy-oligomycin A)[Oligomycin C] Info MyBioSource MBS651409 NA Ask Ask
02015423431 Borrelidin (Treponemycin, Antibiotic U 78548, Antibiotic C2989)[Borrelidin] Info MyBioSource MBS651415 NA Ask Ask
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