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03015267999 Human CCL17[CCL17] Info MyBioSource MBS136054 NA Ask Ask
03015268000 Human CCL2[CCL2] Info MyBioSource MBS136055 NA Ask Ask
03015268001 Human CCL21[CCL21] Info MyBioSource MBS136057 NA Ask Ask
03015268002 Human CCL20[CCL20] Info MyBioSource MBS136056 NA Ask Ask
03015268003 Human CXCL11[CXCL11] Info MyBioSource MBS136058 NA Ask Ask
03015268004 Human CXCL12 Alpha[CXCL12 Alpha] Info MyBioSource MBS136059 NA Ask Ask
03015268005 Human CXCL12 Beta[CXCL12 Beta] Info MyBioSource MBS136060 NA Ask Ask
03015268006 Human CXCL14[CXCL14] Info MyBioSource MBS136061 NA Ask Ask
03015268007 Human CXCL5[CXCL5] Info MyBioSource MBS136062 NA Ask Ask
03015268013 Human XCL1[XCL1] Info MyBioSource MBS136068 NA Ask Ask
03015268014 Human XCL2[XCL2] Info MyBioSource MBS136069 NA Ask Ask
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