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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015748143Cable, Flex; PCB, Z-axis > PCB, Z-sensorInfo Diasource RVTH6155 3 pce306.13Ask
01015748142Tip, Plunger, Large, PTFEInfo Diasource RVTH6132 4 pce297.92Ask
01015748141Tip, Plunger, PTFEInfo Diasource RVTH6131 4 pce297.92Ask
01015748140Connector, Reducing, Straight Through, 3/32" x 1/16"Info Diasource RVTH6113 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748139BioChem Tubing, Pinch Valve, 1/8" x 1/16"Info Diasource RVTH6112 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748138Silicone Tubing, Pinch Valve, 1/8" x 1/16"Info Diasource RVTH6111 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748137Connector, Reducing, Elbow, 3/32" to 1/16"Info Diasource RVTH6110 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748136Teflon Tubing OD 1/8" ID 1/16"Info Diasource RVTH6109 10 pce293.23Ask
01015748135StyletInfo Diasource RVTH6107 4 pce297.92Ask
01015748134Microswitch Stop, Y-AxisInfo Diasource RVTH6094 3 pce306.13Ask
01015748133Webcam, Lifecam CinemaInfo Diasource RVTH6072 1 pce364.77Ask
01015748132Thumbscrew, M4x25, Knurled, Shouldered (Inside Top Cover)Info Diasource RVTH6056 10 pce293.23Ask
01015748131Tubing, Silicone, 6mm x 4mmInfo Diasource RVTH6051 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748130Cable, Thermal Pad, AirpumpInfo Diasource RVTH6050 10 pce293.23Ask
01015748129Connector, Tee, 200 Series, 1/16” IDInfo Diasource RVTH6048 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748128Cable, Airpump to Power SupplyInfo Diasource RVTH6026 10 pce293.23Ask
01015748127Cable, Flat, Reader Motor To Shaker PCBInfo Diasource RVTH6009 4 pce326.07Ask
01015748126Cable, Flat, Y-Motor to ReaderInfo Diasource RVTH5998 4 pce326.07Ask
01015748125Cable, Flat, Driver Board To MTP MotorInfo Diasource RVTH5996 4 pce326.07Ask
01015748124Cable, Flat, Driverboard-Waste Motor-Fluid PCBInfo Diasource RVTH5995 3 pce306.13Ask
01015748123Probe StopInfo Diasource RVTH5955 10 pce293.23Ask
01015748122PCB, Shaker BoardInfo Diasource RVTH5895 1 pce717.81Ask
01015748121Silencer, Air, U-1/8Info Diasource RVTH5864 8 pce363.60Ask
01015748120Connector, Pneumatic Fitting CN-1/8Info Diasource RVTH5837 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748119Y-Fitting, 1/4”, NylonInfo Diasource RVTH5836 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748118PCB, Shaker Board SensorInfo Diasource RVTH5829 2 pce333.10Ask
01015748117Cable, Flat, Heater PCB > Air PumpInfo Diasource RVTH5828 2 pce297.92Ask
01015748116Cable, Flat, Wash Pump HomeInfo Diasource RVTH5812 3 pce323.72Ask
01015748115Bearing, Sealed, 5X11X5, SteelInfo Diasource RVTH5809 10 pce351.87Ask
01015748114PCB, Fluidics BoardInfo Diasource RVTH5807 1 pce479.72Ask
01015748113PCB, Air Pump ControllerInfo Diasource RVTH5804 1 pce309.65Ask
01015748112PCB, Z-Axis ProbeInfo Diasource RVTH5793 1 pce358.91Ask
01015748111Coupling, Flex Beam, Stainless SteelInfo Diasource RVTH5760 2 pce370.64Ask
01015748110Nut, ReaderInfo Diasource RVTH5741 2 pce344.83Ask
01015748109Nut, Y-Axis SpindleInfo Diasource RVTH5740 2 pce370.64Ask
01015748108Pump, Air, Rotary Vane, 24VDCInfo Diasource RVTH5738 1 pce700.22Ask
01015748107Nut, X-AxisInfo Diasource RVTH5709 2 pce344.83Ask
01015748106Nut, MTP CarrierInfo Diasource RVTH5705 2 pce408.17Ask
01015748105PCB, Z-AxisInfo Diasource RVTH5692 1 pce607.56Ask
01015748104PCB, Intelligent RackInfo Diasource RVTH5691 1 pce845.66Ask
01015748103PCB, Flex AdapterInfo Diasource RVTH5690 2 pce321.37Ask
01015748102PCB, Power SwitchInfo Diasource RVTH5623 1 pce297.92Ask
01015748101Connector, Bulkhead, Reduction, Straight Through, 3/32” X 1/16”Info Diasource RVTH5478 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748100Thumbscrew, M5X15, Plastic (Left Cover)Info Diasource RVTH5469 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748099PCB, Stepper Motor ControllerInfo Diasource RVTH5461 1 pce528.98Ask
01015748098O-RingInfo Diasource RVTH5445 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748097Marprene Tubing (1.5 mm x 0.8 mm) - Peristaltic Pump Tubing (15.5 cm)Info Diasource RVTH5409 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748096Tubing, Silicone, 6 OD x 2 ID (15m min order)Info Diasource RVTH5408 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748095Silicone Tubing (3.2 mm x 1.6 mm) - Waste Pump Tubing (26 cm)Info Diasource RVTH5407 20 pce293.23Ask
01015748094Silicone Tubing (1 mm x 3 mm) - Probe to Z-Axis PCB (28 cm)Info Diasource RVTH5406 20 pce293.23Ask
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