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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015747007C-PEPInfo Diasource KAP0401 1X96 Tests300.96Ask
01015747008Calcitonin USInfo Diasource KAP0421 1X96 Tests347.26Ask
01015747012HGHInfo Diasource KAP1081 1X96 Tests260.44Ask
01015747015IGFBP-3Info Diasource KAP1171 1X96 Tests442.17Ask
01015747017IL-1 betaInfo Diasource KAP1211 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
01015747019IFN-gammaInfo Diasource KAP1231 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
01015747021IL-2Info Diasource KAP1241 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
01015747024IL-6Info Diasource KAP1261 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
01015747026IL-8Info Diasource KAP1301 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
01015747028IL-10Info Diasource KAP1321 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
01015747030OsteocalcinInfo Diasource KAP1381 1X96 Tests347.26Ask
01015747032ProgesteroneInfo Diasource KAP1451 3X96 Tests322.95Ask
01015747035AggrecanInfo Diasource KAP1461 1X96 Tests719.98Ask
01015747036PTHInfo Diasource KAP1481 1X96 Tests322.95Ask
01015747039ReninInfo Diasource KAP1531 1X96 Tests394.71Ask
01015747040IGF-1 (or SM-C)Info Diasource KAP1581 1X96 Tests428.28Ask
01015747042TNF-alphaInfo Diasource KAP1751 1X96 Tests479.21Ask
0101574704425-OH Vitamin D TotalInfo Diasource KAP1971 1X96 Tests480.37Ask
01015747051Leptin SerumInfo Diasource KAP2281 1X96 Tests371.56Ask
01015747052HPLInfo Diasource KAPD1283 1X96 Tests297.48Ask
01015747055FSHInfo Diasource KAPD1288 3X96 Tests336.84Ask
01015747056LHspInfo Diasource KAPD1289 3X96 Tests336.84Ask
01015747059PRLInfo Diasource KAPD1291 3X96 Tests336.84Ask
01015747060Progesterone , 17a Hydroxy -Info Diasource KAPD1292 2X96 Tests338.00Ask
01015747063AFPInfo Diasource KAPD1468 2X96 Tests363.46Ask
01015747064HCG TotalInfo Diasource KAPD1469 2X96Tests305.59Ask
01015747065TestosteroneInfo Diasource KAPD1559 2X96 Tests331.05Ask
01015747068DHEA-SInfo Diasource KAPD1562 2X96 Tests372.72Ask
01015747070Estriol , FreeInfo Diasource KAPD1612 1X96 Tests297.48Ask
01015747072Sperm-AntibodyInfo Diasource KAPD1826 1X96 Tests338.00Ask
01015747074SHBGInfo Diasource KAPD2996 1X96 Tests316.00Ask
01015747076Androstene DioneInfo Diasource KAPD3265 1X96 Tests316.00Ask
01015747077TSH REC AbInfo Diasource KAPD4834 1X96 Tests607.70Ask
01015747080Testosterone, FreeInfo Diasource KAPDB260 2X96 Tests319.48Ask
01015747081CortisolInfo Diasource KAPDB270 2X96 Tests303.27Ask
01015747084DHT ElisaInfo Diasource KAPDB280 1X96 Tests504.68Ask
01015747085Cortisol SalivaryInfo Diasource KAPDB290 2X96 Tests375.04Ask
01015747087TSHInfo Diasource KAPDB4080 3X96 Tests340.31Ask
01015747089Estrone ElisaInfo Diasource KAPDB420 1X96 Tests395.87Ask
01015747092Triiodothyronine – Total (T3)Info Diasource KAPDB4220 3X96 Tests309.06Ask
01015747094Triiodothyronine – Free (fT3)Info Diasource KAPDB4230 3X96 Tests316.00Ask
01015747096Thyroxine – Total (T4)Info Diasource KAPDB4240 3X96 Tests319.48Ask
01015747097Thyroxine – Free (fT4)Info Diasource KAPDB4340 3X96 Tests309.06Ask
01015747100C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP)Info Diasource KAPDB4360 2X96 Tests356.52Ask
01015747101AldosteroneInfo Diasource KAPDB450 1X96 Tests306.74Ask
01015747104PregnenoloneInfo Diasource KAPDB4500 1X96 Tests327.58Ask
010157471055α-Androstane-3α, 17β diol Glucuronide ((3α-Diol G)Info Diasource KAPDB460 1X96 Tests339.15Ask
01015747108Plasma Renin ActivityInfo Diasource KAPDB4600 1X192 Tests456.06Ask
01015747109DHEA ElisaInfo Diasource KAPDB490 2X96 Tests326.42Ask
01015747112ASCA IgA ElisaInfo Diasource KAPDTASCA02 1X96 Tests328.74Ask
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