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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01012192046anti-ACAD-9 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3239-100 ACAD-9 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192047anti-ACADVL Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Biovision 3240-100 ACADVL Polyclonal Antibody367.98Ask
01012192048anti-TRIM71 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3241-100 TRIM71 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192049Glutathione SepharoseInfo Biovision 6555-50 50 ml1077.16Ask
01012192050Jacalin-SepharoseInfo Biovision 6561-1 1 ml153.71Ask
01012192051anti-EZH2 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3242-100 EZH2 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192052Jacalin-SepharoseInfo Biovision 6561-5 5 ml401.75Ask
01012192053anti-MyD88 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3244R-100 MyD88 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192054Jacalin-SepharoseInfo Biovision 6561-25 25 ml1065.52Ask
01012192055anti-ACAT1 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3245-100 ACAT1 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192056Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose BeadsInfo Biovision 6562-1 1 ml128.10Ask
01012192057Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose BeadsInfo Biovision 6562-10 10 ml178.17Ask
01012192058Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose BeadsInfo Biovision 6562-100 100 ml824.47Ask
01012192059anti-ABAD/HADH2 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3246-100 ABAD/HADH2 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192061anti-PAK1 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3248-100 PAK1 Antibody393.60Ask
01012192062Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose BeadsInfo Biovision 6562-500 500 ml3091.75Ask
01012192063Ready-to-Use Ni QR Agarose Beads Buffer KitInfo Biovision K6563-3 3 components178.17Ask
01012192064anti-Gai2 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3249-100 Gai2 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192065anti-Ga15/16 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3250R-100 Ga15/16 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192066EZ-Desalt™ Spin Desalting ColumnsInfo Biovision 6564-25 25 ea190.98Ask
01012192067anti-TLR4 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3251-100 TLR4 Antibody393.60Ask
01012192068Streptavidin-Sepharose BeadsInfo Biovision 6565-2 2 ml366.82Ask
01012192069anti-IkBalpha AntibodyInfo Biovision 3252-100 IkBalpha Antibody367.98Ask
01012192070anti-TLR4 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3253-100 TLR4 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192071Streptavidin-Sepharose BeadsInfo Biovision 6565-5 5 ml553.14Ask
01012192072anti-ACAT2 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3254-100 ACAT2 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192073anti-ERAB/HCD2 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3255-100 ERAB/HCD2 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192074Streptavidin-Sepharose BeadsInfo Biovision 6565-10 10 ml867.55Ask
01012192075Ni-IDA Spin ColumnsInfo Biovision 6567-25 25 columns178.17Ask
01012192076anti-Caspase-6 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3256-100 Caspase-6 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192077Ready-to-Use Ni-IDA Spin Purification KitInfo Biovision K6567-25 25 Ni-IDA columns, 3 buffers, 25 centrifuge tubes378.46Ask
01012192079anti-Caspase-8 Antibody (Clone C502S)Info Biovision 3258-100 Caspase-8 Antibody (Clone C502S)520.53Ask
01012192080EZEnrich™ Polyubiquitin BeadsInfo Biovision 6568-300 300 μl432.03Ask
01012192081EZDetect™ Polyubiquitin Probe (Biotin conjugated)Info Biovision 6569-250 250 μl317.91Ask
01012192082EZExtract™ Polyubiquitin Buffer KitInfo Biovision K6570-3 3 components279.48Ask
01012192083anti-Caspase-8 (Active) AntibodyInfo Biovision 3259-100 Caspase-8 (Active) Antibody393.60Ask
01012192084anti-PARD3 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3260-100 PARD3 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192085UIM-UBA Fusion ProteinInfo Biovision 6571-250 250 μl413.40Ask
01012192087Multipurpose Mini Spin ColumnsInfo Biovision 6572-50 50 columns178.17Ask
01012192088EZAlbumin™ Depletion Kit (Spin Column)Info Biovision K6573-25 25 assays405.25Ask
01012192089anti-TCTN2 AntibodyInfo Biovision 3262-100 TCTN2 Antibody367.98Ask
01012192090anti-HADH/HCDH AntibodyInfo Biovision 3264-100 HADH/HCDH Antibody367.98Ask
01012192091JNK Negative Control Cell LysateInfo Biovision 7031-1 1 mg436.69Ask
01012192092JNK Activated Cell LysateInfo Biovision 7032-1 1 mg436.69Ask
01012192093anti-alpha-Fodrin AntibodyInfo Biovision 3266-100 alpha-Fodrin Antibody367.98Ask
01012192094Akt Negative Control Cell LysateInfo Biovision 7035-1 1 mg436.69Ask
01012192095anti-Lamin A AntibodyInfo Biovision 3267-100 Lamin A Antibody367.98Ask
01012192096Akt Activated Cell LysateInfo Biovision 7036-1 1 mg436.69Ask
01012192097Ammonium sulfate saturated solutionInfo Biovision 7096-1L 1 liter343.53Ask
01012192099anti-Phospho-Bad AntibodyInfo Biovision 3269-100 Phospho-Bad Antibody469.29Ask
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