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01025458921 Human Erythropoiesis stimulating factor ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS725524 48-Strip-Wells Ask Ask
13025228116 Recombinant Sorangium cellulosum UPF0345 protein sce4830 (sce4830) Info MyBioSource MBS1263588 0.1 mg (Baculovirus) Ask Ask
11025174263 Recombinant Arabidopsis thaliana Proteasome subunit alpha type-1-A (PAF1) Info MyBioSource MBS1210225 0.1 mg (Baculovirus) Ask Ask
01014775006 TRIM9 Antibody Info EnoGene E95111 100μg Ask Ask
03014975163 Recombinant Ralstonia pickettii Glutamate--tRNA ligase (gltX)[Glutamate--tRNA ligase (gltX)] Info MyBioSource MBS1019129 0.05 mg (Baculovirus) Ask Ask
01017826126 Jagged 1 Protein (JAG1) Polyclonal Antibody (Human, Mouse, Pig), Cy3 Info Cloud Clone Corp PAB807Hu03-10ml-Cy3 10ml Ask Ask
09025038179 Recombinant Rasbora elegans Sonic hedgehog protein (shh) Info MyBioSource MBS1076481 0.1 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
06035251807 Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Putative 5'(3')-deoxyribonucleotidase (SACOL0785) Info MyBioSource MBS1285705 0.1 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
05035251851 Recombinant Mouse Armadillo repeat-containing X-linked protein 1 (Armcx1), partial Info MyBioSource MBS1285745 0.05 mg (Mammalian-Cell) Ask Ask
01016178196 Recombinant BMP And Activin Membrane Bound Inhibitor Homolog (BAMBI) Info MyBioSource MBS2030508 0,01 mg Ask Ask
06025251316 Recombinant Invertebrate iridescent virus 3 Uncharacterized protein 083L (IIV3-083L) Info MyBioSource MBS1285257 0.1 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
03014975247 Recombinant Thermococcus gammatolerans 5'-nucleotidase surE (surE)[5'-nucleotidase surE (surE)] Info MyBioSource MBS1019204 0.2 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01014775164 MRPL11 Antibody Info EnoGene E94945 100μg Ask Ask
01016178739 Recombinant Casein Kinase 1 Delta (CSNK1d) Info MyBioSource MBS2031061 0,01 mg Ask Ask
03025240591 SLC11A1 cDNA Clone Info MyBioSource MBS1275327 Inquire Ask Ask
13025228491 Recombinant Flavobacterium psychrophilum 30S ribosomal protein S19 (rpsS) Info MyBioSource MBS1263939 0.1 mg (Baculovirus) Ask Ask
01025458935 Rabbit Protein Kinase Inhibitor Beta ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS725539 48-Strip-Wells Ask Ask
09025038126 Recombinant Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris Protein TolB (tolB) Info MyBioSource MBS1076433 0.02 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
01054757414 PBK Polyclonal Antibody Info EnoGene E94852 100ul Ask Ask
01016178493 Recombinant Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3) Info MyBioSource MBS2030809 0,01 mg Ask Ask
01016178740 Recombinant Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 Ligand 2 (PDCD1LG2) Info MyBioSource MBS2031062 0,01 mg Ask Ask
09025038925 Recombinant Hamiltonella defensa subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum GTPase Der (der) Info MyBioSource MBS1077161 0.02 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
03025240693 DOK1 cDNA Clone Info MyBioSource MBS1275420 Inquire Ask Ask
01016178812 Recombinant SHC-Transforming Protein 2 (SHC2) Info MyBioSource MBS2031134 0,01 mg Ask Ask
03025038881 Recombinant Marchantia polymorpha 60S ribosomal protein L2, mitochondrial (RPL2), partial Info MyBioSource MBS1077121 0.05 mg (Baculovirus) Ask Ask
01025459587 Rat Sperm Protein 17 ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS726294 48-Strip-Wells Ask Ask
01014775090 SHARPIN Antibody Info EnoGene E95023 100μg Ask Ask
03025240761 PML cDNA Clone Info MyBioSource MBS1275482 Inquire Ask Ask
01014775300 UCKL1 Antibody Info EnoGene E94806 100μg Ask Ask
01016178516 Recombinant Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 3, Group C, Member 1 (NR3C1) Info MyBioSource MBS2030832 0,01 mg Ask Ask
06025251970 Recombinant Burkholderia thailandensis Succinyl-CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit beta (sucC) Info MyBioSource MBS1285859 0.1 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
01014775148 TNIP2 Antibody Info EnoGene E94962 100μg Ask Ask
01017826165 Contactin 2 (CNTN2) Polyclonal Antibody (Mouse), Cy3 Info Cloud Clone Corp PAB204Mu01-10ml-Cy3 10ml Ask Ask
11025174446 Recombinant Shewanella baltica LexA repressor (lexA) Info MyBioSource MBS1210409 1 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01016178231 Recombinant Complement Component 1, Q Subcomponent A (C1qA) Info MyBioSource MBS2030543 0,01 mg Ask Ask
09025039144 Recombinant Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Alanine racemase (alr) Info MyBioSource MBS1077361 0.02 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
06035252053 Recombinant Bacillus cereus Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD (P)+] (gpsA) Info MyBioSource MBS1285938 0.1 mg (Yeast) Ask Ask
11025174102 Recombinant Bacillus subtilis Phosphate acyltransferase (plsX) Info MyBioSource MBS1210064 0.1 mg (Baculovirus) Ask Ask
03025240656 EMCN cDNA Clone Info MyBioSource MBS1275386 Inquire Ask Ask
01014775024 MOBKL1A Antibody Info EnoGene E95091 100μg Ask Ask
01017826108 Uncoupling Protein 2, Mitochondrial (UCP2) Monoclonal Antibody (Human), Cy3 Info Cloud Clone Corp MAC586Hu21-10ml-Cy3 10ml Ask Ask
11025174597 Recombinant Human cytomegalovirus Uncharacterized protein UL40 (UL40) Info MyBioSource MBS1210560 1 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01025458792 Rabbit Neurokinin A ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS725377 48-Strip-Wells Ask Ask
03025240711 NFKBIE cDNA Clone Info MyBioSource MBS1275437 Inquire Ask Ask
01035252157 Recombinant Human V-set and immunoglobulin domain-containing protein 1 (VSIG1), partial Info MyBioSource MBS1286036 0.5 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
03025240774 ADH5 cDNA Clone Info MyBioSource MBS1275495 Inquire Ask Ask
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