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01015895899 Cystathionine beta-lyase Info CUSAG CSB-DE022 4X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895900 Cystathionine b-synthase Info CUSAG CSB-DE021 4X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895901 Hexokinase Info CUSAG CSB-DE001 50X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895902 Malate dehydrogenase (MDH) Info CUSAG CSB-DE010 100X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895903 Purine-nucleoside phosphorylase Info CUSAG CSB-DE012 4X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895904 Pyranose Oxidase Info CUSAG CSB-DE009 4X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895905 Lactate dehydrogenase Info CUSAG CSB-DE006 100X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895906 Uricase Info CUSAG CSB-DE002 20X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895907 3-alpha-Hydroxysteroide dehydrogenase Info CUSAG CSB-DE011-1 10X1 KU Ask Ask
01015895908 Mouse anti- Ofloxacin monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0033ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895909 Mouse anti- abscisic acid monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0042ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895910 Mouse anti- Ractopamine monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0018ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895911 Mouse anti- Clenbuterol monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0004ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895912 Mouse anti- Furazolidone metabolite monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0025ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895913 Mouse anti- Furaltadone metabolite monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0071ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895914 Mouse anti- Enrofloxacin monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0007ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895915 Mouse anti- Kanamycin monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0005ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895916 Mouse anti- Gentamicin monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0009ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895917 Mouse anti- Sulfadimidine monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0040ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895918 Mouse anti- Furacilinum metabolite monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0026ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895919 Mouse anti- Furadantin metabolite monoclonal antibody Info CUSAG CSB-DA0027ICmN-1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895920 Abscisic acid-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0042B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895921 Abscisic acid-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0042O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895922 Ofloxacin-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0033B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895923 Ofloxacin-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0033O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895924 Ractopamine-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0018B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895925 Ractopamine-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0018O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895926 Clenbuterol-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0004B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895927 Clenbuterol-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0004O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895928 The metabolite of furazolidone-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0025B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895929 The metabolite of furazolidone-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0025O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895930 The metabolite of furaltadone-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0071O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895931 The metabolite of furaltadone-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0071B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895932 Enrofloxacin-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0007O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895933 Enrofloxacin-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0007B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895934 Kanamycin-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0005B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895935 Kanamycin-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0005O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895936 Gentamicin-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0009B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895937 Gentamicin-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0009O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895938 Sulfadimidine-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0040B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895939 Sulfadimidine-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0040O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895940 Furacilinum metabolite-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0026O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895941 Furacilinum metabolite-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0026B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895942 Streptolysin O protein Info CUSAG CSB-DP013A 2X1 mg Ask Ask
01015895943 Human Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin(NGAL) Info CUSAG CSB-DP001A 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895944 Furadantin metabolite-BSA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0027B1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895945 Furadantin metabolite-OVA Info CUSAG CSB-DM0027O1 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895946 Human Cystatin-C protein Info CUSAG CSB-DP004A 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895947 Human Alpha-1-microglobulin protein Info CUSAG CSB-DP141A 1 mg Ask Ask
01015895948 Human Retinol-binding protein 4 Info CUSAG CSB-DP002A 1 mg Ask Ask
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