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01015736916 Augmedium, Powder 100 Info AthenaES AES-0123 100 ml Ask Ask
01015736917 Augmedium, Powder 500 Info AthenaES AES-0124 500 ml Ask Ask
01015736918 LB Booster, Powder 100 Info AthenaES AES-0125 4X100 ml Ask Ask
01015736919 LB Booster, Powder 500 Info AthenaES AES-0126 500 ml Ask Ask
01015736920 LB Booster, 20x Info AthenaES AES-127 500 ml Ask Ask
01015736921 LB Miller Single Packs - box of 10 Info AthenaES AES-0130 3X1L each Ask Ask
01015736922 APF LB Luria, 500g Info AthenaES AES-0131 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736923 APF LB Lennox, 500 g Info AthenaES AES-0132 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736924 APF LB Miller, 500 g Info AthenaES AES-0133 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736925 APF LB Luria, Singles, 10 x 1L Info AthenaES AES-0131-S 2X1L each Ask Ask
01015736926 APF LB Lennox, Singles, 10 x 1L Info AthenaES AES-0132-S 2X1L each Ask Ask
01015736927 APF LB Miller, 10 x 1L Info AthenaES AES-0133-S 2X1L each Ask Ask
01015736928 Atholate, protein hydrolysate, 500 g Info AthenaES AES-0134 500 g Ask Ask
01015736929 Atholate, protein hydrolysate, 1 kg Info AthenaES AES-0134-1 1 kg Ask Ask
01015736930 Atholate, protein hydrolysate, 2.5 kg Info AthenaES AES-0134-2.5 2.5 kg Ask Ask
01015736931 Atholate, protein hydrolysate, 10 kg Info AthenaES AES-0134-10 10 kg Ask Ask
01015736932 PERK Protein Expression Rescue Kit Info AthenaES AES-0135 1kit Ask Ask
01015736933 ExpressMax Screening Kit Info AthenaES AES-0136 2kit Ask Ask
01015736934 ExpressMax Formula 1 Info AthenaES AES-0137 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736935 ExpressMax Formula 2 Info AthenaES AES-0138 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736936 ExpressMax Formula 3 Info AthenaES AES-0139 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736937 ExpressMax Formula 4 Info AthenaES AES-0140 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736938 Ethyl-β-D-glucuronide, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0901-2 2X2 mg Ask Ask
01015736939 Ethyl-β-D-glucuronide, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0901-10 10 mg Ask Ask
01015736940 ExpressMax Formula 5 Info AthenaES AES-0141 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736941 ExpressMax Formula 6 Info AthenaES AES-0142 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736942 Ethyl-β-D-glucuronide-d5, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0901D-2 2 mg Ask Ask
01015736943 ExpressMax Formula 7 Info AthenaES AES-0143 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736944 Ethyl-β-D-glucuronide-d5, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0901D-10 10 mg Ask Ask
01015736945 ExpressMax Formula 8 Info AthenaES AES-0144 2X500 g Ask Ask
01015736946 ExpressMax Basal Salts Info AthenaES AES-0145 4X500 g Ask Ask
01015736947 Yeast Extract Info AthenaES AES-0146 4X500 g Ask Ask
01015736948 Ethyl sulfate, sodium salt, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0902-2 10X2 mg Ask Ask
01015736949 Ethyl sulfate, sodium salt, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0902-10 2X10 mg Ask Ask
01015736950 Soy Protein Hydrolysate Info AthenaES AES-0147 4X500 g Ask Ask
01015736951 ACES Promoter Selection Kit Info AthenaES AES-0148-1 kit Ask Ask
01015736952 Ethyl sulfate-d5, sodium salt, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0902D-2 4X2 mg Ask Ask
01015736953 Ethyl sulfate-d5, sodium salt, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0902D-10 10 mg Ask Ask
01015736954 ACES Signal Sequence Kit Info AthenaES AES-0148-2 1kit Ask Ask
01015736955 ACES YebF Protein Export Kit Info AthenaES AES-0148-3 1kit Ask Ask
01015736956 Propyl-β-D-glucuronide, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0903-2 2X2 mg Ask Ask
01015736957 Propyl-β-D-glucuronide, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0903-10 10 mg Ask Ask
01015736958 ACES pAES25 Info AthenaES AES-0149-25 2X10 µg Ask Ask
01015736959 2-Propyl-β-D-glucuronide, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0904-2 2X2 mg Ask Ask
01015736960 ACES pAES30 Info AthenaES AES-0149-30 10 µg Ask Ask
01015736961 2-Propyl-β-D-glucuronide, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0904-10 10 mg Ask Ask
01015736962 ACES pAES31 Info AthenaES AES-0149-31 10 µg Ask Ask
01015736963 ACES pAES32 Info AthenaES AES-0149-32 10 µg Ask Ask
01015736964 Ethyl-β-D-glucuronide-13C6, 2 mg Info AthenaES AES-0905-2 2 mg Ask Ask
01015736965 Ethyl-β-D-glucuronide-13C6, 10 mg Info AthenaES AES-0905-10 10 mg Ask Ask
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