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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
02011973733FluoroQuest Anti-fading Kit II *Optimized for Plate Imaging*Info aat 20003 2X1 kit384.00Ask
02011973732FluoroQuest Anti-fading Kit I *Optimized for Slide Imaging*Info aat 20001 2X1 kit384.00Ask
02011972756ROS Brite 700 *Optimized for in Vivo Imaging*Info aat 16004 1 mg389.64Ask
01025693659Cell Meter Intracelluar NADH/NADPH Fluorescence Imaging KitInfo aat 15290 100 Tests728.46Ask
01021872664SmartView Pro Imaging System,2.0 Megapixel CCD CameraInfo Genesee 70-150 1 Imaging System/Unit10782.38Ask
01021872646SmartView Pro Imaging System,5MP Scientific Grade CameraInfo Genesee 70-133 1 Imaging System/Unit8602.64Ask
01021872645SmartView Pro Imaging System,Wifi, iPad ConnectivityInfo Genesee 70-132 1 Imaging System/Unit9403.38Ask
01021871996PhotoDoc-It Imaging System,w/ Printer & TransilluminatorInfo Genesee 36-222 1 System/Unit5414.34Ask
01021871995MultiDoc-It Imaging System,M-20 Transilluminator, 115VInfo Genesee 36-221 1 MultiDoc-It/Unit9387.57Ask
01021871982DigiDoc-It Imaging System,w/ TFM-20V TransilluminatorInfo Genesee 36-203 1 System/Unit7889.99Ask
01021871980DigiDoc-It System,Imaging SystemInfo Genesee 36-201 1 DigiDoc-It/Unit5615.38Ask
01016813029Imagel - Gel doc imaging for Samsung GalaxyInfo gel company GDR-550 1 pack310.59Ask
01016813028Imagel - Gel doc imaging for iPhone 6 PlusInfo gel company GDR-510 1 pack310.59Ask
01016813027Imagel - Gel doc imaging for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, 6Info gel company GDR-500 1 pack310.59Ask
01014451522Exosome electron microscopy imaging (EM)Info 101Biosystem S109 service1039.05Ask
01014363863Labnet GDS Touch Imaging System 365 nm universal voltageInfo Corning GDST-1365 1 EA8484.05Ask
01014363862Labnet GDS Touch Imaging System, 302 nm - universal voltageInfo Corning GDST-1302 1 EA8484.05Ask
01014363861Labnet Enduro GDS Imaging System 365nm, universal voltageInfo Corning GDS-1365 1 EA5082.30Ask
01014363860Labnet Enduro GDS Imaging System 302nm, universal voltageInfo Corning GDS-1302 1 EA5133.12Ask
01013735195PolyTek HRP Anti-Mouse Polymerized Imaging SystemInfo scytek PIR080 70 Slides285.74Ask
01013617570EGTA (0.1M EGTA in 0.1N Tris, pH 7.5) For Calcium Imaging. Part No. EGTA01-10Info fivephotonbiochemicals EGTA01-10 20 ml173.93Ask
01011973904Cell Meter Autophagy Fluorescence Imaging KitInfo aat 23001 200 Tests502.58Ask
01011973807Cell Navigator Live Cell RNA Imaging Kit *Green Fluorescence*Info aat 22630 100 Tests502.58Ask
01011973733FluoroQuest Anti-fading Kit II *Optimized for Plate Imaging*Info aat 20003 1 kit149.81Ask
01011972756ROS Brite 700 *Optimized for in Vivo Imaging*Info aat 16004 1 milligram248.07Ask
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