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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
03030977179UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 3 peaks, 3.0-3.4um, 1E6/mL, 10 x 3 mLInfo spherotech URCP01-30-10K 10 x 3 mL575.17Ask
03010624843UltraMag Magnetic SeparatorInfo spherotech UMS-3000 1 unit779.80Ask
02031259587Drop Delay Calibration Particles, 1E8/mL, 6.0-8.0 um, 2 x 10 mLInfo spherotech DDCP-70-20 2 x 10 mL2201.14Ask
02031165499Carboxyl Magnetic Particles, 1% w/v, 25-37 um, 10 mLInfo spherotech CM-300-10 10 mL536.46Ask
02031095012Carboxyl Fluorescent Particles, Cy Blue, 1% w/v, 1.7-2.2 um, 2mLInfo spherotech CFP-2066-2 2mL337.36Ask
02030747856Streptavidin Magnetic Particles, High Iron, 0.5% w/v, 0.2-0.39 um, 5 mLInfo spherotech SVM-025-5H 5 mL403.73Ask
02030598518EasyComp Fluorescent Particles, GFP, 1E7/mL, 3.0-3.4 um, 1 mLInfo spherotech ECFP-F9 1 mL342.89Ask
02030583960Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, ~1E10/mL, 0.1-0.3 um, 2 mLInfo spherotech URFP-02-2 2 mL436.91Ask
02030279632Carboxyl Magnetic Particles, 2.5% w/v, 3.0-3.9 um, 50 mLInfo spherotech CM-30-50 50 mL940.19Ask
02030205423Carboxyl Fluorescent Particles, Infra Blue, 1% w/v, 1.7-2.2 um, 2mLInfo spherotech CFP-2072-2 2mL337.36Ask
02030062300Carboxyl Magnetic Particles, Smooth, 2.5% w/v, 3.0-3.9 um, 100mLInfo spherotech CMS-30-100 100mL1758.70Ask
02024398129UltraRainbow Calibration Particle Kit, 5.0-5.4 um, 1E7/mL, 1x2 mL (fluorescent)Info spherotech 07-URCP-50-2K 1x2 mL (fluorescent)336.25Ask
02024398128UltraRainbow Calibration Particle Kit, 3.5-3.9 um, 1E7/mL, 1x2 mL (fluorescent)Info spherotech 07-URCP-38-2K 1x2 mL (fluorescent)330.72Ask
02024398127UltraRainbow Calibration Particle Kit, 3.5-3.9 um, 1E7/mL, 1x20 mL (fluorescent)Info spherotech 07-URCP-38-20K 1x20 mL (fluorescent)2216.62Ask
02023747748Tube Holder Set (Small,Medium & Large) for FlexiMag SeparatorInfo spherotech MSS-1100 2 unit376.07Ask
02023747744Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 6 Sizes, 0.5-15.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-M57-6 0.5-15.0 um304.18Ask
02023747743Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 3 Intensities, 6.0-6.4 umInfo spherotech FPS-6057-3 6.0-6.4 um304.18Ask
02023747742Fluorescent Particle Slide, Sky Blue, 5.0-5.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-5070 5.0-5.9 um304.18Ask
02023747740Fluorescent Particle Slide, Ultra Rainbow, 5.0-5.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-5057-UR 5.0-5.9 um315.24Ask
02023747739Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 5.0-5.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-5057 5.0-5.9 um304.18Ask
02023747738Fluorescent Particle Slide, Nile Red, 5.0-5.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-5056 5.0-5.9 um304.18Ask
02023747737Fluorescent Particle Slide, Yellow, 5.0-5.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-5052 5.0-5.9 um304.18Ask
02023747736Fluorescent Particle Slide, UV, 5.0-5.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-5040 5.0-5.9 um304.18Ask
02023747735Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 6 Intensities, 3.0-3.4 umInfo spherotech FPS-3057-6 3.0-3.4 um304.18Ask
02023747734Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 5 Intensities, For use in linear scale, 3.0-3.4 umInfo spherotech FPS-3057-5LN 3.0-3.4 um425.85Ask
02023747732Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 5 Intensities, 3.0-3.4 umInfo spherotech FPS-3057-5 3.0-3.4 um304.18Ask
02023747731Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, Level 5 Intensity, 13.0-17.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-15057-L5 13.0-17.9 um304.18Ask
02023747730Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 4 Intensities, 13.0-17.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-15057-4 13.0-17.9 um304.18Ask
02023747729Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 13.0-17.9 umInfo spherotech FPS-15057 13.0-17.9 um304.18Ask
02023747728Fluorescent Particle Slide, UV, Yellow, Nile Red, & Purple, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-100M4B 10.0-14.0 um431.38Ask
02023747727Fluorescent Particle Slide, UV, Yellow, Nile Red, and Blue, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-100M4 10.0-14.0 um431.38Ask
02023747726Fluorescent Particle Slide, Sky Blue, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-10070 10.0-14.0 um304.18Ask
02023747725Fluorescent Particle Slide, Purple, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-10062 10.0-14.0 um304.18Ask
02023747724Fluorescent Particle Slide, Rainbow, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-10057 10.0-14.0 um304.18Ask
02023747723Fluorescent Particle Slide, Nile Red, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-10056 10.0-14.0 um304.18Ask
02023747722Fluorescent Particle Slide, Yellow, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-10052 10.0-14.0 um304.18Ask
02023747721Fluorescent Particle Slide, UV, 10.0-14.0 umInfo spherotech FPS-10040 10.0-14.0 um304.18Ask
02020552033EasyComp Fluorescent Particles Kit, 5 vials (Blank, FITC, PE, PE-Cy5 & APC)Info spherotech ECFP-K2 5vials514.34Ask
02020382790EasyComp Fluorescent Particles Kit, 4 vials (Blank, FITC, PE, PE-Cy5)Info spherotech ECFP-K1 4vials436.91Ask
02013747751UltraMag DW Magnetic SeparatorInfo spherotech UMDS-1000 1 unit785.33Ask
02013747749MiniTube Mag SeparatorInfo spherotech MTMS-16 1 unit503.28Ask
02013747747Mirror SlideInfo spherotech MRS-1 1 unit304.18Ask
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