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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01018658125AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 25.0µm (+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACFP2.5-25056-1 1 mL166.11Ask
01018658126AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 7.0µm (+/-1µm), 5x10^7/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACFP50-7056- 1 1 mL135.69Ask
01018658127AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 15.0µm (+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACFP5-15056- 1 1 mL142.71Ask
01018658128AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 20.0µm (+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACFP5-20056- 1 1 mL148.56Ask
01018658129AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 25.0µm(+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACURFP2.5-250-1 1 mL166.11Ask
01018658130AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 32µm(+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACURFP2.5-300-1 1 mL166.11Ask
01018658131AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 10.0µm(+/-1µm), 2x10^7/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACURFP20-100-1 1 mL142.71Ask
01018658132AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 7.0µm(+/-1µm), 5x10^7/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACURFP50-70-1 1 mL135.69Ask
01018658133AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 15.0µm(+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACURFP5-150-1 1 mL142.71Ask
01018658134AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 20.0µm(+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 1mLInfo spherotech ACURFP5-200-1 1 mL148.56Ask
01018658135Oligo (dT)20 Gold Particles, 1.0nM, 15-20nm, 1mLInfo spherotech ODT(20)AUP-002-1 1 mL457.38Ask
01018658136Oligo (dT)25 Gold Particles, 1.0nM, 15-20nm, 1mLInfo spherotech ODT(25)AUP-002-1 1 mL1228.25Ask
01018658137Streptavidin Gold Particles, 3.0nM, 15-20nm, 1mLInfo spherotech SVAUP-002-1 1 mL486.62Ask
01018658138Biotin Gold Particles, 3.0nM, 15-20nm, 1mLInfo spherotech TAUP-002-1 1 mL486.62Ask
01018658140Anti-Digoxigenin Coated Polystyrene Particles, 0.7- 0.9µm, 0.1%w/v, 2mLInfo spherotech DIGP-08-2 2 mL343.91Ask
01018658141Anti-Digoxigenin Coated Polystyrene Particles, 10-14.0µm, 0.1%w/v, 2mLInfo spherotech DIGP-100-2 2 mL635.18Ask
01018658142Anti-Digoxigenin Coated Polystyrene Particles, 6.0- 8.0µm, 0.1%w/v, 2mLInfo spherotech DIGP-60-2 2 mL361.46Ask
01018658143Anti-Digoxin Coated Mag. Particles, Smooth Surface 2.0-2.9µm, 0.1%w/v, 2mLInfo spherotech DINMS-20-2 2 mL367.30Ask
01018658144Anti-Digoxin Coated Mag. Particles, Smooth Surface 4.0-5.0µm, 0.1%w/v, 2mLInfo spherotech DINMS-40-2 2 mL367.30Ask
01018658145Anti-Digoxin Coated Mag. Particles, Smooth Surface 8.0-9.9µm, 0.1%w/v, 2mLInfo spherotech DINMS-80-2 2 mL65.51Ask
01018658146Anti-Digoxin Coated Polystyrene Particles, 0.1%w/v, 10.0-14.0µm., 2mLInfo spherotech DINP-100-2 2 mL635.18Ask
01018658150Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, High Intensity, 1%w/v, 1.0-1.4µm., 2mLInfo spherotech FH-1056-2 2 mL231.61Ask
01018658151Fluorescent Particles, Pink, 1%w/v, 10.0-14.0µm, 2mLInfo spherotech FP-10058-2 2 mL308.82Ask
01018658152Fluorescent PMMA Particles, Yellow/Purple/Sky Blue, 0.2%w/v, 0.1-0.3µm, 2mLInfo spherotech FPMA-0261-2 2 mL272.55Ask
01018658153UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 9 peaks, 8.0-12.9µm, 1E7/mL, 2mLInfo spherotech URCP-100-2H 2 mL421.11Ask
01018658154Amino Silica Particles, 5%w/v, 0.4-0.6µm, 10mLInfo spherotech ASIP-05-10 10 mL297.12Ask
01018658155Amino Silica Particles, 5%w/v, 1.0-1.4µm, 10mLInfo spherotech ASIP-10-10 10 mL297.12Ask
01018658156Amino Silica Particles, 5%w/v, 1.5-1.9µm, 10mLInfo spherotech ASIP-15-10 10 mL320.51Ask
01018658157Amino Silica Particles, 5%w/v, 6.0-8.0µm, 10mLInfo spherotech ASIP-60-10 10 mL397.72Ask
01018658158Carboxyl Magnetic Particles, Crosslinked, 1%w/v, 90.0-120.0µm, 10mLInfo spherotech CMX-1000-10 10 mL498.32Ask
01018658159Carboxyl Polystyrene Blue Particles, 5%w/v, 0.03-0.06µm, 10mLInfo spherotech CPB-005-100 10 mL1293.75Ask
01018658160Carboxyl Magnetic PMMA Particles, 1%w/v, 3.0-3.9µm, 10mLInfo spherotech CPMA-30-10 10 mL332.21Ask
01018658161Carboxyl Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, 5%w/v, 1.0-1.9µm, 10mLInfo spherotech CPX-10-10 10 mL243.31Ask
01018658162Carboxyl Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, 125- 149µm, 1%w/v, 10mLInfo spherotech CPX-1400-10 10 mL391.87Ask
01018658163Carboxyl Silica Superparamagnetic, 1.0%w/v, 0.1-0.39µm, 10mLInfo spherotech CSIM-025-10H 10 mL266.71Ask
01018658164Carboxyl Silica Superparamagnetic, 1.0%w/v, 0.4-0.69µm, 10mLInfo spherotech CSIM-05-10H 10 mL278.40Ask
01018658165Epoxy Magnetic Particles, Smooth, 2.5%w/v, 3.0-3.9µm, 10mLInfo spherotech EMS-30-10 10 mL266.71Ask
01018658166Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, Research Grade, 5%w/v, 400-600µm, 10mLInfo spherotech PPX-5000-10 10 mL338.06Ask
01018658167Silica Superparamagnetic Particles, 2.5%w/v, 0.7-0.9µm, 10mLInfo spherotech SIM-08-10H 10 mL290.10Ask
01018658168Silica Superparamagnetic Particles, 2.5%w/v, 1.0-1.4µm, 10mLInfo spherotech SIM-10-10H 10 mL297.12Ask
01018658169Supra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, Mid-range, 1E6/mL, 3.0-3.59µm, 10mLInfo spherotech SRCP01-35-10A 10 mL195.35Ask
01018658170Biotin Magnetic Particles, 0.5%w/v, 14.0-17.9µm, 10mLInfo spherotech TM-150-10 10 mL955.69Ask
01018658171AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 25µm(+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 5mLInfo spherotech ACURFP2.5-250-5 5 mL432.81Ask
01018658172AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 32µm(+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 5mLInfo spherotech ACURFP2.5-300-5 5 mL432.81Ask
01018658173AccuCount UltraRainbow Calibration Particles, 20µm(+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 5mLInfo spherotech ACURFP5-200-5 5 mL432.81Ask
01018658174Azide Silica Superparamagnetic, 0.1-0.39µm, 5mLInfo spherotech AZSIM-025-5H 5 mL338.06Ask
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