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01013708234Recombinant Human Neuronal Pentraxin-1/NPTX1 (C-6His)Info novo CU54-500 500 ug1470.01Ask
01013708233Recombinant Mouse Myelin-associated Glycoprotein/Siglec-4a (C-6His)Info novo CU53-500 500 ug1234.41Ask
01013708232Recombinant Mouse Anterior Gradient Protein 3/Agr3 (C-6His)Info novo CU52-500 500 ug1470.01Ask
01013708229Recombinant Human Hemopexin (C-6His)Info novo CU49-500 500 ug1470.01Ask
01013708228Recombinant Mouse Hemopexin (C-6His)Info novo CU48-500 500 ug1470.01Ask
01013708225Recombinant Human Thrombospondin-1/THBS1 (C-10His)Info novo CU45-500 500 ug1785.25Ask
01013708224Recombinant Human Butyrophilin Subfamily 2 Member A2/BTN2A2 (C-Fc)Info novo CU44-500 500 ug1896.96Ask
01013708223Recombinant Human Angiopoietin-like Protein 3/ANGPTL3 (C-6His)Info novo CU43-500 500 ug1234.41Ask
01013708222Recombinant Human Thrombomodulin/BDCA-3/CD141 (C-6His)Info novo CU42-500 500 ug1785.25Ask
01013708221Recombinant Human Natural Killer G2D/NKG2D/CD314/KLRK1 (N-Fc)Info novo CU41-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708220Recombinant Human Lymphocyte Antigen 64/LY64/CD180/RP105 (C-Fc)Info novo CU40-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708217Recombinant Mouse Chitinase-Like Protein 3 /YM1/ECF-L/CHI3L3 (C-6His)Info novo CU37-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708216Recombinant Mouse Poliovirus Receptor/CD155/PVR/HVED (C-6His)Info novo CU36-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708215Recombinant Mouse Apolipoprotein H/APOH/B2G1/B2GP1 (C-6His)Info novo CU35-500 500 ug898.15Ask
01013708211Recombinant Mouse Kallikrein 1/mGK-6 (C-6His)Info novo CU31-500 500 ug1942.31Ask
01013708210Recombinant Human LAG-3/CD233 (C-Fc)Info novo CU30-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708209Recombinant Human LAG-3/CD233 (Leu23-Leu450)Info novo CU29-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708208Recombinant Human IL-1 RAcP/IL-1 R3 (C-Fc-6His)Info novo CU28-500 500 ug801.92Ask
01013708206Recombinant Mouse Dermatopontin/DPT (C-Fc)Info novo CU26-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708204Recombinant Human Angiopoietin-related Protein 7/ANGPTL7 (C-10His)Info novo CU24-500 500 ug1785.25Ask
01013708199Recombinant Human Basal Cell Adhesion Molecule/BCAM (C-6His)Info novo CU19-500 500 ug898.15Ask
01013708196Recombinant Human Tyrosine-protein Kinase Receptor TYRO3 (C-6His)Info novo CU17-500 500 ug801.92Ask
01013708195Recombinant Human Neuronal Pentraxin-1/NPTX1 (C-6His)Info novo CU54-50 50 ug336.25Ask
01013708194Recombinant Mouse CD160 (C-6His)Info novo CU16-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708192Recombinant Mouse Anterior Gradient Protein 3/Agr3 (C-6His)Info novo CU52-50 50 ug336.25Ask
01013708191Recombinant Mouse Phospholipase A2 Group IB/PLA2G1B (C-6His)Info novo CU15-500 500 ug1942.31Ask
01013708187Recombinant Human Hemopexin (C-6His)Info novo CU49-50 50 ug336.25Ask
01013708185Recombinant Mouse Hemopexin (C-6His)Info novo CU48-50 50 ug336.25Ask
01013708183Recombinant Human Early Activation Antigen CD69/CD69 (N-8His)Info novo CU12-500 500 ug1785.25Ask
01013708182Recombinant Human TRAIL R4/TNFRSF10D/CD264 (C-Fc)Info novo CU11-500 500 ug801.92Ask
01013708181Recombinant Mouse Butyrophilin-like Protein 2/BTNL2 (C-6His)Info novo CU10-500 500 ug1312.94Ask
01013708179Recombinant Human Thrombospondin-1/THBS1 (C-10His)Info novo CU45-50 50 ug336.25Ask
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