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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01012047539Mouse anti GAL-4 antibody DNA Binding DomainInfo nordc Z150M 100 μg387.36Ask
01012047538Mouse anti GAL-4 Activation DomainInfo nordc Z145M 100 μg387.36Ask
01012047537Mouse anti VipR 1 (Vasoactive Intestinal PE Rec-1)Info nordc Z135M 100 μg451.72Ask
01012047536Mouse anti SLP-76Info nordc Z130M 100 μg369.15Ask
01012047535Sheep anti SR betaInfo nordc Z115P 250 μg369.15Ask
01012047534Mouse anti M13 bacteriophage (gp3)Info nordc Z115M 1mg445.65Ask
01012047533Sheep anti SR alphaInfo nordc Z110P 250 μg369.15Ask
01012047532Mouse anti M13 bacteriophage (gp3) antibody conjugated to BiotinInfo nordc Z110M 100 μg387.36Ask
01012047531Mouse anti GST (fusion protein)Info nordc Z105M 100 μg369.15Ask
01012047530Sheep anti CalreticulinInfo nordc Z100P 250 μg369.15Ask
01012047529Anti-Fade Mounting Media ReagentInfo nordc X2841 7 mL172.43Ask
01012047528BrdU Immunofluorescence Kit FL488Info nordc X2840K 50 Tests552.51Ask
01012047527BrdU Immunofluorescence Kit FL549Info nordc X2839K 50 Tests552.51Ask
01012047526ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL649 (60 Tests)Info nordc X2838K2 60 Tests579.22Ask
01012047525ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL649 (30 Tests)Info nordc X2838K1 30 Tests357.00Ask
01012047524ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL594 (60 Tests)Info nordc X2837K2 60 Tests579.22Ask
01012047523ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL594 (30 Tests)Info nordc X2837K1 30 Tests357.00Ask
01012047522ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL549 (60 Tests)Info nordc X2836K2 60 Tests579.22Ask
01012047521ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL549 (30 Tests)Info nordc X2836K1 30 Tests357.00Ask
01012047520ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL488 (60 Tests)Info nordc X2835K2 60 Tests579.22Ask
01012047519ApoMark Apoptosis Kit FL488 (30 Tests)Info nordc X2835K1 30 Tests357.00Ask
01012047518BrdU Reagent for in vivo injectionInfo nordc X2834 5 x 5 mg172.43Ask
01012047517Water-Soluble Tetrazolium Cell Proliferation Assay KitInfo nordc X2833K 500 Tests204.00Ask
01012047516Rabbit anti Programmed cell death protein 1Info nordc X2798P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047515Rabbit anti SALL4Info nordc X2797P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047514Rabbit anti KLF14Info nordc X2796P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047513Rabbit anti Monoglyceride lipaseInfo nordc X2793P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047512Rabbit anti HSF-1Info nordc X2791P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047511Rabbit anti Chromogranin AInfo nordc X2789P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047510Mouse anti CD95Info nordc X2785M 100 μg341.22Ask
01012047509Mouse anti Muc1Info nordc X2783M 100 μg369.15Ask
01012047508Mouse anti CD57Info nordc X2781M 200 μg387.36Ask
01012047507PINK1 - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2779B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047506PINK1 (E417G Mutant) - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2778B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047505PINK1 - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2777B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047504PINK1 (G309D Mutant) - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2776B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047503PINK1 (C-terminal) - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2775B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047502PINK1 (N-terminal) - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2774B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047501Neurogenin-1 - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2773B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047500S100P-Binding Protein - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2772B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047499DICER1 - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2771B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047497Histone H2a.x (S140) - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2769B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047496Histone H2a.x - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2768B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047495Histone H2a.x (pS140) - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2767B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047494Fibulin-3 - Blocking PeptideInfo nordc X2766B 50 μg204.00Ask
01012047492Rabbit anti PINK1Info nordc X2764P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047491Rabbit anti PINK1 (E417G Mutant)Info nordc X2763P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047490Rabbit anti PINK1Info nordc X2762P 100 μg510.01Ask
01012047489Rabbit anti PINK1 (G309D Mutant)Info nordc X2761P 100 μg510.01Ask
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