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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01010003025D-dimer antibodyInfo genways GWB-1D241D 1 x 1 vial763.29Ask
01010003029IgG-RF STRIPPER ReagentInfo genways GWB-Q00233 1 vial552.09Ask
01010003032antibody to or anti- Peptidylprolyl Isomerase antibodyInfo genways GWB-1D07E6 1 x 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003047SRPX2 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-3B1109 1 x 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003060NEK7, Active Human recombinant proteinInfo genways GWB-PS7203 1 vial736.89Ask
01010003091TNN antibodyInfo genways GWB-MW809H 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003131ZNF697 antibodyInfo genways GWB-MS133G 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003144EMG1 antibodyInfo genways GWB-29E557 1 x 1 vial557.83Ask
01010003155HSPA1A Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-EB94F2 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003158Keratin 7, antibodyInfo genways GWB-7D1B36 1 tube731.15Ask
01010003169Polyclonal antibody to or anti-FGF21 antibodyInfo genways GWB-BBP548 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003197CIAPIN1 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-204551 1 x 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003240NSUN4 antibodyInfo genways GWB-MR434B 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003244SILV Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-325D65 1 x 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003250RASL10A Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-4FEDEA 1 x 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003267Mouse CD4 (FITC conjugated) CD3 (RPE) antibodyInfo genways GWB-Q01610 1 vial724.26Ask
01010003281Mouse Macrophages / Monocytes antibody (FITC conjugated)Info genways GWB-Q01552 1 vial631.29Ask
01010003282TACR2 antibody (C-terminus)Info genways GWB-3A5958 1 x 1 vial1108.77Ask
01010003347PINX1 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-21A4D2 1 x 1 vial531.43Ask
01010003382Notch Reporter Assay Kit (cAMP/PKA Pathway)Info genways GWB-PS79B7 1 vial975.63Ask
01010003417CD152 antibody (RPE)Info genways GWB-3D5AB7 1 x 1 vial399.43Ask
01010003448GINS1 antibodyInfo genways GWB-AC45F5 1 vial471.75Ask
01010003459Thrombopoietin (TPO) (recombinant) HumanInfo genways GWB-D60E0A 1 vial15352.97Ask
01010003489Bid antibodyInfo genways GWB-B8D1C3 1 vial610.63Ask
01010003516PARD6A antibodyInfo genways GWB-MP287H 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003531Immunoglobulin G (IgG) H&L, Rabbit -RHODAMINEInfo genways GWB-DB4F83 1 vial601.45Ask
01010003534Mouse antibody to or anti-Rat IgM (u chain specificity), antibodyInfo genways GWB-157746 1 x 1 vial822.97Ask
01010003564CD91 antibody (biotin conjugated)Info genways GWB-E4973A 1 vial843.63Ask
01010003570LYPD2 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-C2E242 1 vial645.06Ask
01010003589ADCY8 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-C29B30 1 vial1002.03Ask
01010003622TSH antibodyInfo genways GWB-78BB19 1 tube445.35Ask
01010003661CHIC2 antibodyInfo genways GWB-MQ593H 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003671Mouse CD4 antibodyInfo genways GWB-FD8193 1 vial345.49Ask
01010003694RAB9B antibodyInfo genways GWB-MU579C 1 vial598.00Ask
0101000372441183, antibodyInfo genways GWB-4CD5A9 1 x 1 vial371.89Ask
01010003756TSH antibody (B)Info genways GWB-T00717 1 vial657.69Ask
01010003785HDAC developer (2X)Info genways GWB-ECBB10 1 vial418.95Ask
01010003834WHSC1 antibodyInfo genways GWB-CAFB80 1 vial557.83Ask
01010003838Amylin peptide sequence, antibodyInfo genways GWB-DE14E9 1 vial371.89Ask
01010003841GNRH1 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-C9ECC1 1 vial645.06Ask
01010003880ABHD7 antibodyInfo genways GWB-MT938B 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003904Pnkd antibodyInfo genways GWB-MQ007G 1 vial598.00Ask
01010003943Wee1 antibodyInfo genways GWB-B74354 1 vial610.63Ask
01010003950Mouse IgG (H/L) antibody (Alk. Phos.) (Multi Species Adsorbed)Info genways GWB-36592A 1 x 1 vial690.98Ask
01010003961RARA antibodyInfo genways GWB-MN391D 1 vial598.00Ask
01010004021RNF182 Over-expression Lysate reagentInfo genways GWB-3F1B9F 1 x 1 vial531.43Ask
01010004074ZNF778 antibodyInfo genways GWB-MM342I 1 vial598.00Ask
01010004090MUC16 antibodyInfo genways GWB-E6791E 1 vial610.63Ask
01010004141HTRA1 antibodyInfo genways GWB-MW904D 1 vial598.00Ask
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