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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01018658096Carbon PowderInfo bioassay CARB-10 10 tests74.86Ask
01018658097Empty Tubes (10)Info bioassay 2MLET-10 10 tubes74.86Ask
01018658098QuantiChrom Biotin Assay KitInfo bioassay DBIO-100 100 tests295.95Ask
01018658099QuantiChrom Boron Assay KitInfo bioassay DBOR-100 100 tests398.89Ask
01018658100QuantiChrom Carbonyl Assay KitInfo bioassay DCAR-100 100 tests422.28Ask
01018658101QuantiChrom Free Amino Nitrogen Assay KitInfo bioassay DFAN-100 100 tests325.19Ask
01018658102QuantiChrom FRAP Assay KitInfo bioassay DFRAP-250 250 tests459.72Ask
01018658103QuantiChrom Hyaluronidase Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit.Info bioassay DIHY-100 100 tests556.81Ask
01018658104EnzyChrom D-Amino Acid Assay KitInfo bioassay EDAA-100 100 tests568.50Ask
010186581050.5M EDTAInfo bioassay EDTA-150 150uL72.53Ask
01018658106EnzyChrom Gliadin ELISA KitInfo bioassay EGLD-100 100 tests703.03Ask
01018658107EnzyChrom Creatinine Assay KitInfo bioassay EICT-100 100 tests471.41Ask
01018658108EnzyChrom L-Amino Acid KitInfo bioassay ELAA-100 100 tests495.98Ask
01018658109EnzyChrom Peanut ELISA KitInfo bioassay EPNT-100 100 tests703.03Ask
01018658110Urinary Indican Test KitInfo bioassay I1000N 20 tests361.46Ask
01018658111Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay (PAMPA) KitInfo bioassay PAMPA-096 96 tests483.11Ask
01018658112Phosphatase Inhibitor (Sodium Orthovanadate)Info bioassay PHIVA-1mL 1mL tests113.47Ask
01018658113PVPP PowderInfo bioassay PVPP-10 10 tests74.86Ask
01018658114QuantiQuik Albumin Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQALBM10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658115QuantiQuik D-Lactic Acid Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQDLAC10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658116QuantiQuik Glucose Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQGLUC10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658117QuantiQuik L-Glutamate Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQGLUT10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658118QuantiQuik Histamine Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQHIST10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658119QuantiQuik L-Lactic Acid Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQLLAC10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658120QuantiQuik Malic Acid Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQMALA10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658121QuantiQuik Oxalate Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQOXLT10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658122QuantiQuik Pyruvate Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQPYR10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658123QuantiQuik Urea (BUN) Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQUREA10 10 tests129.84Ask
01018658124QuantiChrom Total Protein Assay KitInfo bioassay QTPR-100 100 tests156.75Ask
02015669538QuantiChrom LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (C2LD-100)Info bioassay C2LD-100 100 tests178.97Ask
02015669539CellQuanti-Blue Cell Viability Assay KitsInfo bioassay CQBL-05K 5000 tests272.55Ask
02015669540CellQuanti-Blue Cell Viability Assay KitsInfo bioassay CQBL-10K 10000 tests410.59Ask
02015669541CellQuanti-MTT Cell Viability Assay KitsInfo bioassay CQMT-500 500 tests259.69Ask
02015669542Mini CentrifugeInfo bioassay CTFG 1 unit106.45Ask
02015669543Cytotoxicity Control Reagent (Saponin)Info bioassay CTTX-050 50mg164.94Ask
02015669544QuantiChrom Lactate Dehydrogenase KitInfo bioassay D2DH-100 100 tests422.28Ask
02015669545QuantiChrom Nitric Oxide Assay KitInfo bioassay D2NO-100 100 tests398.89Ask
02015669546QuantiChrom Peroxidase Assay KitInfo bioassay D2PD-100 100 tests422.28Ask
02015669547QuantiChrom Acetylcholinesterase Assay KitInfo bioassay DACE-100 100 tests520.54Ask
02015669548QuantiChrom Acid Phosphatase Assay KitInfo bioassay DACP-100 100 tests216.41Ask
02015669549QuantiChrom Alcohol dehydrogenase Assay KitInfo bioassay DADH-100 100 tests459.72Ask
02015669550QuantiChrom α-Glucosidase Assay KitInfo bioassay DAGD-100 100 tests543.94Ask
02015669551QuantiChrom Alkaline Phosphatase Assay KitInfo bioassay DALP-250 250 tests435.15Ask
02015669552QuantiChrom α-Mannosidase Assay KitInfo bioassay DAMA-100 100 tests483.11Ask
02015669554QuantiChrom Arginase Assay Kit (100T)Info bioassay DARG-100 100 tests338.06Ask
02015669555QuantiChrom ATPase/GTPase Assay KitInfo bioassay DATG-200 200 tests483.11Ask
02015669556QuantiChrom β-Glucosidase Assay KitInfo bioassay DBGD-100 100 tests543.94Ask
02015669557QuantiChrom Chromium Assay KitInfo bioassay DCRM-250 250 tests543.94Ask
02015669558QuantiFluo Caspase-3 Assay KitInfo bioassay DCS3-100 100 tests338.06Ask
02015669559QuantiFluo Cholesterol Uptake Assay KitInfo bioassay DCUT-100 100 tests349.76Ask
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