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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01022671719Sheep 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2-alpha(PGFM)ELISA KitInfo bioassay E0072Sh 96T860.76Ask
01022671650Shark Cortisol(COR) ELISA KitInfo bioassay E0003Sh 96T926.10Ask
01022671649Shark Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo bioassay E0002Sh 96T926.10Ask
01015669735SuperLight Luciferase Reporter Gene Assay KitInfo bioassay SLLU-01K 1000 Tests629.71Ask
01015669734SuperLight Dual Luciferase Reporter Gene Assay KitInfo bioassay SLDL-100 100 Tests314.29Ask
01015669732QuantiChrom Total Protein Assay KitInfo bioassay QTPR-01K 1000 Tests336.82Ask
01015669731QuantiQuik Urea (BUN) Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQUREA3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669730QuantiQuik Pyruvate Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQPYR3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669729QuantiQuik Malic Acid Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQMALA3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669728QuantiQuik L-Lactic Acid Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQLLAC3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669727QuantiQuik Histamine Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQHIST3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669726QuantiQuik L-Glutamate Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQGLUT3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669725QuantiQuik Glucose Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQGLUC3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669724QuantiQuik D-Lactic Acid Quick Test StripsInfo bioassay QQDLAC3X10 3X10 Tests334.57Ask
01015669722QuantiFluo HRP Detection ReagentInfo bioassay QFHRP-25mL 500 Tests359.35Ask
01015669721QuantiFluo Diamine Oxidase Assay KitInfo bioassay QFDO-100 100 Tests618.45Ask
01015669720QuantiFluo DNA Assay KitInfo bioassay QFDN-250 250 Tests472.00Ask
01015669719QuantiFluo Alkaline Phosphatase Assay KitInfo bioassay QFAP-100 100 Tests348.09Ask
01015669718QuantiFluo ALP Detection ReagentInfo bioassay QFALP-6mL 600 Tests269.23Ask
01015669717QuantiChrom Protein Assay KitInfo bioassay QCPR-500 500 Tests370.62Ask
01015669716PVPP PowderInfo bioassay PVPP-10X10 10X10 Tests281.63Ask
01015669714pNPP Phosphatase Assay KitInfo bioassay POPN-01K 1000 Tests460.74Ask
01015669713PiBlue Phosphate Assay KitInfo bioassay POPB-500 500 Tests370.62Ask
01015669712Malachite Green Phosphate Assay KitInfo bioassay POMG-25H 2500 Tests393.15Ask
01015669711Phosphatase Inhibitor (Sodium Orthovanadate)Info bioassay PHIVA-4X1mL 4X1mL308.66Ask
01015669710Meta-Phosphoric AcidInfo bioassay MPA-2G 2X100 Tests324.43Ask
01015669709Mini Glass Tubes for handheld readers (100/bag)Info bioassay MGLTB100 4X100 Tests299.65Ask
01015669708QuantiChrom Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor Screening KitInfo bioassay IGPDH-100 100 Tests517.06Ask
01015669707QuantiChrom Arginase Inhibitor Screening KitInfo bioassay IARG-100 100 Tests381.88Ask
01015669706QuantiChrom Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor Assay KitInfo bioassay IACE-100 100 Tests494.53Ask
01015669705Handheld Fluorometer 530/590nmInfo bioassay FL530590 1 unit Tests1746.08Ask
01015669704Handheld Fluorometer 480/530nmInfo bioassay FL480530 1 unit Tests1746.08Ask
01015669703Handheld Fluorometer 360/450nmInfo bioassay FL360450 1 unit Tests1746.08Ask
01015669702QuantiFluo Acid Phosphatase Assay KitInfo bioassay FACP-100 100 Tests291.76Ask
01015669701EnzyChrom Xanthine Oxidase Assay KitInfo bioassay EXOX-100 100 Tests472.00Ask
01015669699EnzyChrom Urea Assay Kit IIIInfo bioassay EUR3-100 100 Tests415.68Ask
01015669698EnzyFluo Tryptophan Assay KitInfo bioassay ETRP-100 100 Tests697.30Ask
01015669697EnzyChrom Triglyceride Assay KitInfo bioassay ETGA-200 200 Tests539.59Ask
01015669696EnzyChrom Sucrose Assay KitInfo bioassay ESUC-100 100 Tests539.59Ask
01015669695EnzyChrom Superoxide Dismutase Assay KitInfo bioassay ESOD-100 100 Tests449.47Ask
01015669694EnzyChrom Succinate Assay KitInfo bioassay ESNT-100 100 Tests753.63Ask
01015669693EnzyChrom Sialic Acid Assay KitInfo bioassay ESLA-100 100 Tests629.71Ask
01015669692EnzyChrom Sorbitol Assay KitInfo bioassay ESBT-100 100 Tests573.39Ask
01015669691EnzyChrom Pyruvate Assay KitInfo bioassay EPYR-100 100 Tests517.06Ask
01015669689EnzyChrom Phospholipase D Assay KitInfo bioassay EPPD-100 100 Tests483.27Ask
01015669688EnzyChrom Phospholipd Assay KitInfo bioassay EPLP-100 100 Tests562.12Ask
01015669686EnzyChrom Oxalate Assay KitInfo bioassay EOXA-100 100 Tests686.04Ask
01015669685EnzyChrom Acetate Assay KitInfo bioassay EOAC-100 100 Tests539.59Ask
01015669684EnzyChrom Oxaloacetate Assay KitInfo bioassay EOAA-100 100 Tests528.33Ask
01015669683EnzyChrom Nitric Oxide Synthase Assay KitInfo bioassay ENOS-100 100 Tests573.39Ask
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