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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
02021989794Recombinant Human BACE1 / ASP2 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-0580H 50μg726.65Ask
02011991348Recombinant Human TGFB1 (LAP) / TGF-beta 1 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-1491H 10μg767.41Ask
02011990187Recombinant Human LAIR2 / CD306 Protein, Low EndotoxinInfo adv RP-0981H 50μg726.65Ask
01021991530Recombinant Mouse TWSG1 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-1580M 50μg726.65Ask
01017614181Kanamycin ELISA KitInfo adv EKA-007 96T936.26Ask
01017614180Salbutamol ELISA KitInfo adv ESAL-006 96T531.01Ask
01017614179Fluoroquinolone ELISA KitInfo adv EFLU-005 96T666.09Ask
01017614178Sulfonamides ELISA KitInfo adv ESUL-004 96T598.55Ask
01017614177Streptomycin ELISA KitInfo adv EST-003 96T598.55Ask
01017614176Chloramphenicol, CAP ELISA KitInfo adv ECAP-002 96T463.47Ask
01017614175Clenbuterol ELISA KitInfo adv ECL-001 96T463.47Ask
01017614174FastAb™ Mouse AdjuvantInfo adv FMA-100 1mL598.55Ask
01017614173Mouse Anti-Florfenicol Monoclonal Antibody [65F11]Info adv MAB-009F 1mg801.18Ask
01017614172Mouse Anti-Chloramphenicol Monoclonal Antibody [22D9]Info adv MAB-008C 1mg801.18Ask
01017614171Mouse Anti-Aflatoxin B1(AFB1) Monoclonal Antibody [8C4]Info adv MAB-007AB 1mg801.18Ask
01017614170Mouse Anti-Aflatoxin M1(AFM1) Monoclonal Antibody [26F4]Info adv MAB-006AM 1mg801.18Ask
01017614169Mouse Anti-Melamine Monoclonal Antibody [AB-36E1]Info adv MAB-005M 1mg801.18Ask
01017614168Mouse Anti-Tetracycline Monoclonal Antibody [21F5]Info adv MAB-004T 1mg801.18Ask
01017614167Mouse anti-Salbutamol Monoclonal Antibody [12F8]Info adv MAB-003S 1mg801.18Ask
01017614166Mouse anti-Clenbuterol Monoclonal Antibody [37F12]Info adv MAB-002C 1mg801.18Ask
01017614165Mouse Anti-Ractopamine Monoclonal Antibody [30F6]Info adv MAB-001R 1mg801.18Ask
01011992207Recombinant Canine WAP5 / WFDC2 / HE4 Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3028C 20μg666.09Ask
01011992206Recombinant Canine TrkB / NTRK2 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3027C 20μg666.09Ask
01011992205Recombinant Canine TrkA / NTRK1 Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3026C 50μg726.65Ask
01011992204Recombinant Canine RBP4 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3025C 50μg726.65Ask
01011992203Recombinant Canine RBP4 Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3024C 50μg726.65Ask
01011992202Recombinant Canine KIM-1 / TIM1 / HAVCR1 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3023C 50μg767.41Ask
01011992201Recombinant Canine IL-8 / CXCL8 ProteinInfo adv RP-3022C 20μg591.57Ask
01011992200Recombinant Canine IL3RA Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3021C 10μg666.09Ask
01011992199Recombinant Canine IL2RB / IL2 Receptor beta Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3020C 10μg666.09Ask
01011992198Recombinant Canine IL22RA1 / IL22R Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3019C 50μg726.65Ask
01011992197Recombinant Canine IL22RA1 / IL22R Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3018C 50μg726.65Ask
01011992196Recombinant Canine IL1R2 / IL1RB Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3017C 20μg531.01Ask
01011992195Recombinant Canine IL18R1 Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3016C 100μg726.65Ask
01011992194Recombinant Canine IL13RA2 / IL13R Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3015C 100μg767.41Ask
01011992193Recombinant Canine IL13RA2 / IL13R Protein (Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3014C 100μg767.41Ask
01011992192Recombinant Canine IL11RA / IL-11RA / IL11Rα ProteinInfo adv RP-3013C 50μg767.41Ask
01011992191Recombinant Canine GFRA1 / GFR alpha-1 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3012C 100μg726.65Ask
01011992190Recombinant Canine Fractalkine / CX3CL1 Protein (His Tag)Info adv RP-3011C 20μg666.09Ask
01011992189Recombinant Canine CTLA-4 / CD152 Protein (ECD, Fc Tag)Info adv RP-3010C 200μg767.41Ask
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