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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01021036496Dog Heartworm,Info accurate-monoclonals YVS3212 1000ul726.71Ask
01020937077Alpha Feto Protein (AFP), group I epitope, KaInfo accurate-monoclonals HYB097-05 0.2mg0.00Ask
01020917633Dog Heartworm,Info accurate-monoclonals YVS3214 1000ul726.71Ask
01020598405Dog Heartworm,Info accurate-monoclonals YVS3215 1000ul726.71Ask
01020588890Dog Heartworm,Info accurate-monoclonals YVS3216 1000ul726.71Ask
01020167593Dog Heartworm,Info accurate-monoclonals YVS3211 1000ul726.71Ask
01020154433Dog Heartworm,Info accurate-monoclonals YVS3213 1000ul726.71Ask
01020128885Alpha Feto Protein (AFP), group V epitope, KaInfo accurate-monoclonals HYB097-09 0.2mg1364.93Ask
01011367594Neisseria gonorrhea, Clone: 6191, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; ELISA/IFInfo accurate-monoclonals OBT0862 0.1mg715.65Ask
01011367430CD19, B-Cell (pan), Clone: 6D5, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse, ALEXA 700 conj.Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1439A700 vial0.00Ask
01011367357Cytomegalovirus (CMV), 65kD Late Major Matrix, Clone: 0891, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals YVS0891 0.1mg726.71Ask
01011367355CD7, T-Cell, Clone: YTH30.15, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; flowInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA344 vial511.02Ask
01011367278CD138-PECY5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, Clone: B-B4Info accurate-monoclonals ACYT138C 1000ul0.00Ask
01011367011CD289, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 1E8Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA5084Z 0.1 mg0.00Ask
01011366987Monocytes (M-M1), Clone: PG130A, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-SwineInfo accurate-monoclonals YV0400-05 0.5 mg0.00Ask
01011366914CD21, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 21A/5, APC conj.Info accurate-monoclonals ACL7613APC 0.1mg451.29Ask
01011366755CD44, Platelet Glycoprotein 1, Clone: OX-49, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Rat, azide-freeInfo accurate-monoclonals ACL044NA 1 mg623.84Ask
01011366589CD90, Thy 1.1, Clone: MRC OX-7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse, Rat, endotoxin lowInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA47EL 0.5 mg636.01Ask
01011366334Rat IgG2b, Clone: MARG2b-3, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals YULMARG2b3-P05 500ul1286.39Ask
01011366197HLA-DR alpha chain (MHC Class II), Clone: TAL.1B5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-HumanInfo accurate-monoclonals AXL869M 1000ul1287.50Ask
01011366127CD3e, TCR T3, Clone: 145-2C11, Hamster Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse, azide-freeInfo accurate-monoclonals ACL7202NA 1 mg617.20Ask
01011366008CD91, Clone: A2Mr alpha-2, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; BiotinInfo accurate-monoclonals YM4074B 0.1 mg1305.20Ask
01011365986PGA5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 4G9Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA4108Z 0.1 mg0.00Ask
01011365751CD33, Myeloid precursor, Monocyte, Clone: WM53, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, FITC; flowInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1271F 0.1 mg446.86Ask
01011365747SMAD1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 1D3Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA5340Z 0.1 mg0.00Ask
01011365622Human IgG4 (CH3), Clone: MH164-4, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals CLBM1331 1000ul744.41Ask
01011365602Rat IgM Kappa, Clone: IR202, Myeloma, FITCInfo accurate-monoclonals YULIR202aF-05 500ul483.37Ask
01011365569CD71, Transferrin Receptor, Clone: YTA74.4, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse, ALEXA 647 conj.Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1033A647 vial0.00Ask
01011365426Actin, alpha, Sarcomeric, Clone: 5C5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals BYA6581-1 0.2 ml837.32Ask
01011365175Rat IgG1 Kappa, Clone: IR31, Myeloma, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals YULIR31aP-05 500ul856.12Ask
01011365145Thyroglobulin, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 5G4Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA2868G 1 mg0.00Ask
01011364927Human IgA2, Clone: NI512, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals YNMAHIA2 0.5 mg903.68Ask
01011364900Herpes Simplex Types 1 & 2 (HSV1&2), gB, Clone: MC11, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; ELISA/IFInfo accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA2020 0.2 ml0.00Ask
01011364866Metapneumovirus, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: HMPV123Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA4671G 1 mg0.00Ask
01011364847Dystrophin, 427kD, Clone: 13H6, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; paraffin, IHInfo accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA547-01 0.1000ul473.41Ask
01011364737HHEX, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 1A5Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA4913Z 0.1 mg0.00Ask
01011364731HIV-1 gp41, Clone: YR-12, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, bindingInfo accurate-monoclonals DEV201-5-2/1 1 mg0.00Ask
01011364638Cytokeratin, Clone: MNF116, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, FITCInfo accurate-monoclonals AXL982F 1000ul0.00Ask
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