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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01017412963RSV-??-Gal-GFP Adenovirus (E. coli)Info abm Adinovirus 355230A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412962LEMD3-His Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 349480A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412961LEMD3-HA Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 349479A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412960LEMD3 Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 349478A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412959LEMD2-His Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 348327A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412958LEMD2-HA Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 348326A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412957LEMD2 Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 348325A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412956LDLR-His Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103787A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412955LDLR-HA Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103786A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412954LDLR Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103785A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412953LDB2-His Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103763A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412952LDB2-HA Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103762A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412951LDB2 Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103761A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412950LCE6A-His Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103691A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412949LCE6A-HA Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103690A 250ul0.00Ask
01017412948LCE6A Adenovirus (Human)Info abm Adinovirus 103689A 250ul0.00Ask
01014533193DNA Loading Green DyeInfo abm Adinovirus G924 6X; 3 x 1.0 ml93.48Ask
01014533191CumateInfo abm Adinovirus CH065 500 l162.11Ask
01014533189TWEEN 20Info abm Adinovirus CH064 4.0 L210.63Ask
01014533188TWEEN 20Info abm Adinovirus CH063 1.0 L156.20Ask
01014533186Triton X-100Info abm Adinovirus CH062 4.0 L189.33Ask
01014533183Triton X-100Info abm Adinovirus CH061 1L (2 x 500ml)143.18Ask
01014533182TRISInfo abm Adinovirus CH060 5kg (10 x 500g [CH058])448.47Ask
01014533180TRISInfo abm Adinovirus CH059 1kg (2 x 500g [CH058])186.96Ask
01014533179TRISInfo abm Adinovirus CH058 500 g163.30Ask
01014533176Tetracycline HydrochlorideInfo abm Adinovirus CH055 100 g202.34Ask
01014533175Tetracycline HydrochlorideInfo abm Adinovirus CH054 25 g142.00Ask
01014533173Sodium AzideInfo abm Adinovirus CH052 250 g171.58Ask
01014533172PepstatinInfo abm Adinovirus CH049 25 mg272.16Ask
01014533170PepstatinInfo abm Adinovirus CH048 5.0 mg172.76Ask
01014533168Nitroblue Tetrazolium ChlorideInfo abm Adinovirus CH047 1.0 g236.66Ask
01014533166Nitroblue Tetrazolium ChlorideInfo abm Adinovirus CH046 500 mg182.23Ask
010145331652-MercaptoethanolInfo abm Adinovirus CH045 200ml (2 x 100ml)158.56Ask
010145331622-MercaptoethanolInfo abm Adinovirus CH044 100 ml142.00Ask
01014533161Hepes Sodium SaltInfo abm Adinovirus CH041 500 g443.74Ask
01014533159Hepes Sodium SaltInfo abm Adinovirus CH040 100 g199.98Ask
01014533156Hepes Sodium SaltInfo abm Adinovirus CH039 25 g139.63Ask
01014533155GlycerolInfo abm Adinovirus CH038 100 ml142.00Ask
01014533153B-GalactosidaseInfo abm Adinovirus CH037 5.0 kU447.29Ask
01014533152B-GalactosidaseInfo abm Adinovirus CH036 1.0 kU299.37Ask
01014533149EDTA Disodium Salt DihydrateInfo abm Adinovirus CH034 2.5 kg395.22Ask
01014533148EDTA Disodium Salt DihydrateInfo abm Adinovirus CH033 1.0 kg230.74Ask
01014533146EDTA Disodium Salt DihydrateInfo abm Adinovirus CH032 500 g194.06Ask
01014533144DNA Fish Sperm Sodium SaltInfo abm Adinovirus CH031 25 g179.86Ask
01014533143DNA Fish Sperm Sodium SaltInfo abm Adinovirus CH030 10 g142.00Ask
01014533140DNA Fish Sperm Sodium SaltInfo abm Adinovirus CH029 5.0 g131.35Ask
010145331393-3-Diaminobenzidine (DAB) 5mg Substrate TabsInfo abm Adinovirus CH028 100 Tabs275.71Ask
010145331363-3-Diaminobenzidine (DAB) 5mg Substrate TabsInfo abm Adinovirus CH027 50 Tabs210.63Ask
01014533135Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250Info abm Adinovirus CH026 50 g207.08Ask
01014533132Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250Info abm Adinovirus CH025 25 g171.58Ask
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