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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
02020959450MiniPig Bone Marrow cDNAInfo Zyagen ND-704 30 reactions462.35Ask
01030903125Streptavidin tag II PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4217 0.05 mg225.64Ask
01030770504Streptavidin tag II Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen INF-4217 0.1 mg473.41Ask
01030769194Streptavidin tag II PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4335 0.05 mg225.64Ask
01030687749Streptavidin tag II Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen INF-4337 0.1 mg473.41Ask
01030500302Streptavidin tag II PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4337 0.05 mg225.64Ask
01030423616Streptavidin tag II Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen INF-4335 0.1 mg473.41Ask
01030153367Mouse CD1 Mammary Gland, non pregnant Total ProteinInfo Zyagen MT-414 0.5mg195.78Ask
01021227528Mouse CD1 Spinal Cord, Cervical Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen MF-231 10 slides297.54Ask
01020687416Mouse CD1 Mammary Gland Total Protein Panel, set of any 15 TissuesInfo Zyagen MT-414-015 15x0.1mg973.37Ask
01020603950Mouse C57 Dorsal Root Ganglion Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen MP-240-C57 10 slides320.77Ask
01020578798Mouse C57 Brain, whole Total RNAInfo Zyagen MR-201-C57 0.1mg219.01Ask
01020491362Mouse CD1 Brain, whole cDNAInfo Zyagen MD-201 30 reactions276.53Ask
01020399579Rat Mammary Gland, non pregnant Total RNAInfo Zyagen RR-414 0.05mg200.20Ask
01020358917Mouse CD1 Brain, whole Total ProteinInfo Zyagen MT-201 1mg195.78Ask
01020276346Mouse CD1 Spinal Cord, Lumber, Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen MF-233 10 slides297.54Ask
01020256492Mouse CD1 Spinal Cord, Thoracic, Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen MF-232 10 slides297.54Ask
01020153367Mouse C57 Mammary Gland, non pregnant Total ProteinInfo Zyagen MT-414 0.5mg206.84Ask
01020115474Mouse CD1 Brain, whole Total RNAInfo Zyagen MR-201 0.1mg200.20Ask
01020068222Mouse CD1 Spinal Cord, Sacral, Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen MF-234 10 slides297.54Ask
01020047018Mouse C57 Brain, whole cDNAInfo Zyagen MD-201-C57 30 reactions337.36Ask
01020032536Rat Brain, whole Tissue cDNAInfo Zyagen RD-201 30 reactions276.53Ask
01011367727BRSK2 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4085 0.05 mg225.64Ask
01011367669Mouse Intestine 2 Months Total RNAInfo Zyagen MR-306-M2 0.1mg217.90Ask
01011367636Rabbit Tissue Custom Made NB-1Info Zyagen TN-CUS-1 1 blot810.77Ask
01011367592Mouse C57 Stomach, Fundus Paraffin SectionsInfo Zyagen MP-303-C57 10 slides286.48Ask
01011367576Bovine Pancreas Nuclear ProteinInfo Zyagen BT-313-NUC 0.1mg230.07Ask
01011367453LMP7 Goat Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen UBI-42-016 0.1mg574.07Ask
01011367202Monkey Lymph nodes cDNA, CynomolgusInfo Zyagen KD-703 30 reactions462.35Ask
01011367090SHMT1 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (M01), clone 4F9Info Zyagen ENZ-006470-M01 0.1mg547.52Ask
01011366969Rat Embryo-E18 cDNAInfo Zyagen RD-104-18 30 reactions276.53Ask
01011366890KINDLIN3 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4797 0.05 mg225.64Ask
01011366756SYMPK Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (M03), clone 4C2Info Zyagen MEM-008189-M03 0.1mg547.52Ask
01011366705Mouse Ovary mRNAInfo Zyagen MR-406-MR 0.005mg276.53Ask
01011366680Mouse CD1 Adrenal Paraffin SectionsInfo Zyagen MP-501 10 slides297.54Ask
01011366676Mouse Thymus, match set of RNA, DNA, ProteinInfo Zyagen MS-702-RDP 50µg/20µg/100µg380.50Ask
01011366365Monkey Eye cDNA, RhesusInfo Zyagen UD-106 30 reactions344.00Ask
01011366080BAG-1 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen APO-3871 0.1 mg543.10Ask
01011365941Mouse C57Placenta-E17 Total ProteinInfo Zyagen MT-413-17-C57 0.5mg219.01Ask
01011365894DC-SIGN Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen INF-2349 0.1mg543.10Ask
01011365760MiniPig Salivary Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen NF-317 10 slides334.04Ask
01011365596EPB41 Antibody (M01), clone 3D9Info Zyagen BIN-002035-M01 0.1mg547.52Ask
01011365589Monkey Brainstem Paraffin Sections, CynomolgusInfo Zyagen KP-215 10 slides310.81Ask
01011365562Bovine Skin Cytoplasmic ProteinInfo Zyagen BT-101-CYT 0.5mg230.07Ask
01011365485Mouse C57 Striatum Total ProteinInfo Zyagen MT-214 0.5mg195.78Ask
01011365286IGF-BP7 Recombinant ProteinInfo Zyagen ZR-40-321 0.005 mg283.16Ask
01011365269CPB1 Antibody (M01), clone 4D5Info Zyagen BIN-001360-M01 0.1mg547.52Ask
01011365206Neurturin PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-1121 0.05 mg225.64Ask
01011364860YY1 Antibody (M01), clone 2C4Info Zyagen ENZ-007528-M01 0.1mg547.52Ask
01011364800Chicken Universal Reference Total RNAInfo Zyagen CR-UR-200 2x0.1mg346.21Ask
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