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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01027063028Shark Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0003Sh-48T 48T541.99Ask
01027063027Shark Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002Sh-48T 48T541.99Ask
01027063026Shark Cortisol(COR) ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Sh-48T 48T541.99Ask
01027060952Shark Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0003Sh-96T 96T691.31Ask
01027060950Shark Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002Sh-96T 96T691.31Ask
01027060948Shark Cortisol(COR) ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Sh-96T 96T691.31Ask
01024540648Human Kisspeptin(KISS) ELISA kitInfo YeHua YHB3379Hu-96 96-wells plate669.19Ask
01024537042Human Kisspeptin(KISS) ELISA kitInfo YeHua YHB3379Hu-48 48-wells plate420.32Ask
01017063466Donkey Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Do-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063465Camel Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Cm-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063464Duck Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Du-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063463Elephant Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002Eh-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063462Elephant Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Eh-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063461Tadpole Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Ta-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063460Field mouse Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Fm-48T 48T398.20Ask
01017063459Lizard Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0003LI-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063458Lizard Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002LI-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063457Lizard 17-Hydroxyprogesterone,17-OHP ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001LI-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063456Sea Lion Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0003SL-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063455Sea Lion Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002SL-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063454Sea Lion Cortisol(COR) ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001SL-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063453Whale Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0003Wh-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063452Whale Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002Wh-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063451Whale Cortisol(COR) ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0001Wh-48T 48T541.99Ask
01017063450Cat Testosterone,T ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0007Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063449Cat Progesterone,PROG ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0006Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063448Cat procollagen Ⅰ N-terminal peptide,PⅠNP ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0005Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063447Cat N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide,NT-proBNP ELISA KITInfo YeHua YHB0004Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063446Cat Free Tri-iodothyronine Indes,Free-T3 ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0003Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063445Cat Free Thyroxine,FT4 ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0002Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063443Cat Bone specific alkaline phosphatase,BAP ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0000Cat-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063442Canine Total Homocystein(HCY)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0134Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063441Canine Paraoxonase-1(PON1)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0133Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063440Canine Nesfatin(NES)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0132Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063439Canine Hepcidin(Hepc)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0131Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063438Canine ferritin(FE)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0130Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063437Canine malondialchehyche(MDA)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0129Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063436Canine Hemoglobin A1C(Hba1C)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0128Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063435Canine B cell activating factor of TNF family(BAFF)ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0127Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063434Canine zonula occludens-1,ZO-1 ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0126Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063433Canine Von Willebrand Factor,vWF ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0125Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063432Canine vitronectin,VNR ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0124Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063431Canine Vitamin E,VE EELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0123Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063430Canine Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor,VEGF ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0122Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063429Canine Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor A,VEGF-A ELISA KITInfo YeHua YHB0121Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063427Canine Vascular cell adhesion molecule 1,VCAM-1 ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0119Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063426Canine Tumor necrosis factor α,TNF-α ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0118Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
01017063424Canine trypsinogen activation peptide,TAP ELISA KitInfo YeHua YHB0116Ca-48T 48T553.05Ask
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