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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01016807921WestVision POLYMER ANTI-MOUSE IgG (MADE IN HORSE) (0.8ml)Info Vectorlabs WB-2000-.8 0.8ml401.51Ask
01016807920WestVision POLYMER ANTI-RABBIT IgG (MADE IN HORSE) (0.8ml)Info Vectorlabs WB-1000-.8 0.8ml401.51Ask
01016807917TEXAS RED LYCOPERSICON ESCULENTUM LECTIN (1mg)Info Vectorlabs TL-1176-1 1mg328.51Ask
01016807916TEXAS RED ANTI-MOUSE IgG (MADE IN HORSE) (1.5mg)Info Vectorlabs TI-2000-1.5 1.5mg335.15Ask
01016807913TEXAS RED ANTI-RABBIT IgG (MADE IN GOAT) (1.5mg)Info Vectorlabs TI-1000-1.5 1.5mg335.15Ask
01016807912VECTOR TrueVIEW AUTOFLUORESCENCE QUENCHING KITInfo Vectorlabs SP-8400-15 1 KIT311.92Ask
01016807911WESTVISION BLOCK AND DILUENT FOR WESTERN BLOTS (500ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-7000-500 500ml286.48Ask
01016807910BLOXALLBLOCKING SOLUTION (100ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-6000-100 100ml289.80Ask
01016807909BOVINE SERUM ALBUMIN (500mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-5050-500 500mg307.50Ask
01016807908CARBO-FREE BLOCKING SOLUTION (10X CONCENTRATION) (125ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-5040-125 125ml286.48Ask
01016807907R.T.U. ANIMAL FREE BLOCKER AND DILUENT (AFB) (100ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-5035-100 100ml286.48Ask
01016807906ANIMAL FREE BLOCKER (5X CONCENTRATE) (250ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-5030-250 250ml289.80Ask
0101680790510X CASEIN SOLUTION (250ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-5020-250 250ml296.43Ask
01016807904LEVAMISOLE SOLUTION (18ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-5000-18 18ml316.34Ask
01016807903DyLight549 ANTI-STREPTAVIDIN (MADE IN GOAT) (0.5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-4549-.5 0.5mg328.51Ask
01016807902DyLight488 ANTI-STREPTAVIDIN (MADE IN GOAT) (0.5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-4488-.5 0.5mg328.51Ask
01016807901ANTI-STREPTAVIDIN (MADE IN GOAT) (1mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-4000-1 1mg310.81Ask
01016807900FLUORESCEIN ANTI-BIOTIN (MADE IN GOAT) (0.5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-3040-.5 0.5mg322.98Ask
01016807899ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE ANTI-BIOTIN (MADE IN GOAT) (1ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-3020-1 1ml328.51Ask
01016807898PEROXIDASE LABELED ANTI-BIOTIN (MADE IN GOAT) (1mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-3010-1 1mg316.34Ask
01016807897GOAT ANTI-BIOTIN, UNCONJUGATED (1mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-3000-1 1mg310.81Ask
01016807896STREPTAVIDIN/BIOTIN BLOCKING KITInfo Vectorlabs SP-2002 1 KIT325.19Ask
01016807895AVIDIN/BIOTIN BLOCKING KITInfo Vectorlabs SP-2001 1 KIT299.75Ask
01016807894ANTI-AVIDIN D (MADE IN GOAT) (1mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-2000-1 1mg304.18Ask
01016807893PEROXIDASE LABELED ANTI-FLUORESCEIN (MADE IN GOAT) (0.5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1910-.5 0.5mg322.98Ask
01016807892VECTABOND REAGENT (7ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-1800-7 7ml296.43Ask
01016807891TEXAS RED MALEIMIDEInfo Vectorlabs SP-1505-3.6 2X3.6mg371.65Ask
01016807890FLUORESCEIN MALEIMIDEInfo Vectorlabs SP-1502-12 2X12mg371.65Ask
01016807889BIOTIN (Long Arm) MALEIMIDEInfo Vectorlabs SP-1501-12 2X12mg371.65Ask
01016807888BIOTINYLATED PROTEIN MOLECULAR WEIGHT MARKERS (250ul)Info Vectorlabs SP-1400-250 250ul310.81Ask
01016807887BIOTIN (Long Arm) NHS (WATER SOLUBLE) (50mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1210-50 50mg322.98Ask
01016807886BIOTIN (Long Arm) NHS (50mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1200-50 50mg316.34Ask
01016807885NEUROBIOTIN 350 TRACER (2mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1155-2 2mg292.01Ask
01016807884NEUROBIOTIN PLUS TRACER (5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1150-5 5mg280.95Ask
01016807883BIOTINYLATED DEXTRAN AMINE-TEXAS RED (10mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1140-10 10mg365.01Ask
01016807882BIOTINYLATED DEXTRAN AMINE-FLUORESCEIN (10mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1130-10 10mg365.01Ask
01016807881NEUROBIOTIN 488 TRACER (2mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1125-2 2mg292.01Ask
01016807880NEUROBIOTIN TRACER (50mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1120-50 50mg331.83Ask
01016807879NEUROBIOTIN TRACER (20mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1120-20 20mg280.95Ask
01016807878BIOTIN (Long Arm) HYDRAZIDE (50mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1100-50 50mg304.18Ask
01016807877PhotoProbe (Long Arm) BIOTIN (0.5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1020-.5 0.5mg377.18Ask
01016807876PhotoProbe BIOTIN (0.5mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-1000-.5 0.5mg358.38Ask
01016807875ANTI-DINITROPHENYL (DNP) (MADE IN RABBIT) (1mg)Info Vectorlabs SP-0603-1 1mg316.34Ask
01016807874CHITIN HYDROLYSATE (10ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-0090-10 10ml298.65Ask
01016807873AGAROSE PROTEIN A (5ml)Info Vectorlabs SP-0050-5 5ml401.51Ask
01016807872DuoLuX CHEMILUMINESCENT (ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE) (100ml)Info Vectorlabs SK-6605-100 100ml451.29Ask
01016807871DuoLuX CHEMILUMINESCENT (PEROXIDASE) (200ml)Info Vectorlabs SK-6604-200 200ml478.94Ask
01016807870p-NITROPHENYLPHOSPHATE SUBSTRATE (18ml)Info Vectorlabs SK-5900-18 18ml298.65Ask
01016807869BCIP/NBT SUBSTRATE KITInfo Vectorlabs SK-5400 1 KIT328.51Ask
01016807868VECTOR BLUE SUBSTRATE KITInfo Vectorlabs SK-5300 1 KIT337.36Ask
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